Moss has lived with Pa on a remote island for as long as she remembers. The Old World has disappeared beneath the waves - only Pa's magic, harnessing the wondrous stormflowers on the island, can save the sunken continents. But a storm is brewing, promising cataclysmic changes. I received a review copy of this from... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday 15/8/18

Hosted by ‘Taking on a World of Words’,  every Wednesday, we ask and answer the 3 W’s: What are you currently reading? I need to start timing these WWW Wednesday posts better! Just like last week, I finished my current book - Storm-Wake by Lucy Christopher - in bed with a coffee this morning (there... Continue Reading →

Oi Cat!

Well, what can I say about this book that hasn't already been said? This series is an absolute treasure trove of fun and, like so many little ones I meet in work, I can't get enough of it! While this is technically a review of Oi Cat (thank you Hachette for my review copy), it... Continue Reading →

Am I Yours?

Who does this lost egg belong to? Can our little egg find its way back to the right parents before it hatches? While the story is a familiar one (lost baby - looking for parents - finds lots of others but not their own because of x/y/z - reunited for a happy ending), this is... Continue Reading →

No Fixed Address

Can you ever feel at home when your 'house' is always on the move? Felix and his mom Astrid have a secret: they are living in a van. Astrid promises it's only til she finds a new job and begs Felix not to breathe a word. So when Felix starts a new school, he does... Continue Reading →

The List of Real Things

Grace knows the difference between what's real and the strange ideas that float around in her little sister's mind. Their parents died - that's real. A secret hotel on the cliff-top where their parents are waiting - definitely NOT real. So when grief strikes again, Grace is determined not to let her sister's outlandish imagination... Continue Reading →

Wiggly Wiggly: Playtime Rhymes

I feel like I haven't reviewed any books for littlies for AGES! Been so busy catching up with the stack of MG/YA/Adult books I'd let build up that I just never got round to it. But now that I can stick my head above the surface of the others, it's time to get caught up... Continue Reading →

Kat Wolfe Investigates

So, before I start this review, a confession: until I received a copy of this to review (thanks to Macmillan), I'd never read Lauren St John. There, I've said it. I knew how talented she was rumoured to be, how much of a mainstay in teacher recommends and class libraries, and how popular with many... Continue Reading →

The 57 Bus

When I was sent a copy of this by Hachette/Wren and Rook in exchange for review (ages ago! I'm sorry - it's taken me forever!) I had no idea it was non-fiction. I'm not normally a non-fiction reader, but I decided after a friend gave me a non-fiction book to read that I really should... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday

I stumbled on this weekly 'round up' via Kelly's Rambles, it is originally hosted over here on 'Taking on a World of Words' though. I keep thinking I might branch out from just reviews to other book-ish posts and this seemed a good way to start, as well as hopefully being a good way to... Continue Reading →

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