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Jess Butterworth is one of my favourite new authors of the past few years and I’m so excited for a new book from her next year. Ahead of that, a belated review of her two books to date…

Both are beautifully designed, illustrated and laid out with gorgeous covers from Rob Biddulph and patterned pages to mark each chapter.

With a truly original and enjoyable style – Jess’ writing is a perfect example of ‘less is more’ and of how sometimes short, sparse sentences can be just as effective as long, adjective-filled passages.

I devoured this book – it’s not a long read, but a brilliant one.

Set in the Himalayas, this is a story steeped in culture and tradition, and I was transported right into the heart of the it.

When Tash’s parents are captured by soldiers, Tash and Sam embark on a dangerous journey out of Tibet to find the Dalai Lama and ask for his help.

It is a tale which shines a light on real issues in an immensely approachable and sensitive way: what could be an overbearingly heavy tale of censorship, control, lost freedoms and protest is instead a book filled with hope, bravery, friendship and family.

With incredibly likeable and relatable characters, a richly described and detailed setting and an important but perilous journey at its heart, this was definitely one of my favourite children’s books of 2017 and remains a favourite now.

Ruby and new friend Praveen set out on a mission to protect the local leopards from some very disagreeable and suspicious types they suspect of poaching.

Unsurprisingly after ROTROTW it is the vivid descriptions of the setting in the story that I like best about it too. The mountain landscape and its flora and fauna, and the bustling city and its busy river will have you sighing, gasping and wondering at the sights along with Ruby as she discovers her new surroundings!

With perilous trips through the mountains, midnight stake-outs, bustling trains and floods this is a thrill-filled adventure that nature-loving readers in particular will relish.

I am so excited for Jess’ new book next year – she has such a distinct and effective writing style creating books that are easy to read in short bursts, but that you’ll want to read all in one go.


9 thoughts on “Jess Butterworth’s Books

  1. Jess is one of my favourite new authors in the last few years too! I’m so, SO excited to read Swimming Against the Storm next year. Running on the Roof of the World was my very favourite book of last year, and When the Mountains Roared one of my favourites of this one, alongside the Children of Castle Rock and the two new releases from Robin Stevens.
    Amy x

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    • I think she’s brilliant. I must admit I’ve not read Children of Castle Rock yet, though I’ve only heard good things. I loved the last Robin Stevens but not read the very newest one yet, I want to go back and read them all from the beginning.

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      • The MMU books are absolute favourites of mine, and I’ve reread the early ones so much that my copy of Arsenic for Tea is quite a battered, bruised soul 😂. I haven’t reread very much since started blogging, so I’m very overdue a reread. I must at some point next year! Totally agree tgat Jess is brilliant, and I really do recommend Castle Rock, especially if you like sort of Enid Blyton style adventures. I was obsessed with her books when I was younger, and it reminded of those but much, much better X

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      • Ah, that’s the sign of a good book! I never liked Enid Blyton, but do very much like the modern books with a flavour of her style though. I’ve only read a couple of the MMU books, need to get it sorted!!

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