Rest. Reflection. Resolutions. Restarting.

So, it’s that time of year again.

I’m not a strict resolution-maker, but I do always like this time of year to start afresh, draw a line, make a change etc.

This morning, I went for my first post-baby run. It was bloody hard, but I did it. I’m not sure how I’ll manage it regularly, because of, you know, having a baby now! But it’s a start – if I can get out once a week most weeks, that’s something to aim for. If I manage more, even better.

The other thing I really want to improve on is my reading and the blog. Not in themselves, but in the way I’ve begun to approach them.

I started the blog as a way to spur me on to review the books I’m kindly sent by publishers and to keep a record of these reviews and books I’d read. It was very much for me, though obviously I’m thrilled when other people read and enjoy it or find it helpful too.

In recent months, I’ve found myself hopping from one thing to another, trying This Day and That Day, trying to add lots of photos and generally trying to keep up with it all.

I’ve ended up with such a huge ‘to read’ (and review) pile it’s overwhelming me, as my reading has slowed right down and – inevitably – taken a back seat to my new position as mummy. (I know there are loads of great bloggers out there who juggle both and I take my hat off to them, but I’m struggling to fit it all in!)

Added to which my anxiety means once I become slightly overwhelmed/behind etc I find it very difficult to reset and it generally spirals meaning I don’t do anything instead of being able to just do a little; no reviews up instead of the 1 or 2 I might have had time to do.

So…I’m paring it right back and remembering it’s ultimately for me.

I haven’t posted the last of our book advent posts, but that’s ok – WE loved doing it and that’s the important thing. Plus, next year I’ll have a head start! (I am going to try and post a summary of it though.)

I’m really behind on reviews and, though I feel bad, I’m going to draw a line under it and stop trying to catch up. I’ll make a determined effort to review as I finish before starting a new book from now, as that’s what worked last time, but can’t promise I’ll go back to review those I’ve missed. The alternative is to keep trying (and failing) to play catch up and failing – feeling pressured and miserable and reviewing nothing. And reading really isn’t meant to make you feel like that.

I’m keeping Peapod’s Picks, but the aim is to focus on one book we’ve enjoyed that week instead of cramming in everything we’ve read.

I’ll do WWW Wednesday every couple of weeks and I might throw in a Mini Monday every few weeks too, but I’m not going to feel bound to doing them every week.

Much of this will make the blog sporadic, hotch potch and inconsistent. If it was for others, for a living, for views and followers and likes and comments, that would be a problem.

But it’s not.* It’s for me. And I need to remember that!

*Although obviously likes, comments, followers and views are encouraged and enjoyed too!


One thought on “Rest. Reflection. Resolutions. Restarting.

  1. Good for you hon, I look forward to your reviews but am shocked (and jealous!) of the amounts you get through!
    A very good friend of mine gave me two golden nuggets of advice – first to turn your ‘what ifs’ into ‘so whats’ and second, add ‘right now’ to the end of your sentences- it makes such a difference! X

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