Happy New Reading Year!

Happy New Year!

I talked the other day about using the new year as a bit of a reset on my reading/blogging.

Today I’m going to share some of my other reading hopes/aims/goals for 2019.

Goodreads Challenge

For us, 2018 brought the best thing ever – ‘Peapod’! This considerably slowed down my reading. Where I used to read on my commute, breaks at work and before bed, I now find myself trying to cram in a couple of pages whenever I can (which isn’t often!)

While I wouldn’t have it any other way, it did mean I didn’t quite reach my Goodreads goal of 100 books in 2018 – I managed 88.

So for 2019, I’ve set my official goal of 70. Though secretly, I’d still like to make 100.

Are we friends on Goodreads? Have you set yourself a reading challenge for 2019?


There are a lot (A LOT!) of classics I haven’t read, both children’s and adult ones, so I’d like to read more of these next year. I’m going to aim for one a month, but I’m not setting this in stone.

I think my first will be Mary Poppins, as I bought the Lauren Child illustrated version a while back but still haven’t read it.

How do you feel about classics? Which would you recommend I read?


Likewise, there are a lot of books I’d like to re-read but never seem to get round to them because of my never-ending stack of new (or new to me) books.

So, I’d like to take the time to re-read some of these in 2019. The one I’ve been promising myself for a while is Harry Potter, which I loved but haven’t read since they were originally released! There are others I’d like to go back to as well but if I can read Harry Potter this year, I’ll be happy!

Are there any books you’d like to re-read this year?


I’m a wonderfully sweeping statement – I only ever read fiction. Last year, I read a couple of adult non-fiction books and really enjoyed them though. It reminded me that I do like some non-fiction – namely biographies or memoirs – so I’d like to keep reading more of these this year too.

Do you read non-fiction? Are there any biographies or auto-biographies you’d recommend?


Put simply, my aim is to keep on top of them! I know there will still be times I lag behind, but I’m hoping some shorter reviews and more frequent Mini Monday posts might help!

What are your 2019 reading goals?

Whatever 2018 may have thrown your way – good or bad – here’s hoping 2019 is a good one for you…and your reading goals!

Happy New (Reading) Year!

9 thoughts on “Happy New Reading Year!

  1. Happy New Year! I’m not setting myself any official goals this year reading-wise or really in general (other than my Goodreads challenge, which I’ve set at 120), but I like that yours are quite broad. I don’t read much non-fiction either, but I do have a few on my TBR (I’m SO excited to read Parsnips, Buttered; a jokey mock self help book by my favourite comedian, and I’m also considering giving This Is Going to Hurt a try). Good luck with all your goals! I’d like to fit in a few more rereads as well.
    Amy x


  2. I hope you enjoy Mary Poppins! I think I actually like the book a little bit more than the movie, even though I only ever read it as an adult.

    I’ve rather ambitiously set my GoodReads goal to 100 for the first time, up from 75 for the past few years. I always get past 75 but the most I’ve ever reached is 94. So we’ll see!

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