Top Ten Tuesday…

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

I’ve seen this on a few blogs now and thought it would be fun to join in. This week it’s ten books…

… I love that have fewer than 2000 Goodreads ratings.

The Wolf, The Duck and The Mouse by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

“I may have been swallowed, but I have no intention of being eaten.”

Hilarious and highly original.

There is a Tribe of Kids by Lane Smith

“There is a turn of turtles.”

A narrative of collective nouns (and stunning illustrations!).

Hansel and Gretel by Bethan Woollvin

“Because Willow was not ALWAYS a good witch.”

A witty take on the classic take with fantastically expressive and stylish illustrations. Read more here

Pea-Pod Lullaby by Glenda Millard and Stephen Michael King

“I am the small green pea, you are the tender pod.”

A beautiful, lyrical message of kindness in trying times.

The Murderer’s Ape by Jacob Wegelius

Sally Jones is not only a loyal friend, she’s also an extraordinary individual. She’s also an ape…

A dark, dry and utterly unique book. There’s nothing else like it.

The Skylark’s War by Hilary McKay

When the Great War breaks out, their lives are forever changed.

A classic in the making. A tale of growing up, family and war that is much more than the sum of its parts. Read more here.

The Legend of Podkin One-Ear (Five Realms book 1) by Kieran Larwood. Illustrated by David Wyatt.

The terrifying Gorm are on the rampage, and no-one and nowhere is safe.

An original and immersive adventure cleverly told with wonderfully atmospheric and detailed illustrations. Read more here.

Running on the Roof of the World by Jess Butterworth. Illustrated by Rob Biddulph

There are two words that are banned in Tibet…Dalai Lama.

Transports you across the Himalayas on a perilous but picturesque journey. Read more here.

Sea (Huntress Trilogy #1) by Sarah Driver

In the sky, fire spirits dance and ripple, but a deathly cold is creeping across Triannuka.

A brilliant start to a fantasy series with incredible world building and a wonderful use of language. Read more here.

The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon

Hope can set you free.

Heart-breaking, but uplifting. Difficult but important. Everyone should read this.


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  1. You know how much I love Running on the Roof of the World, so I definitely agree it needs more love! Podkin and Skylarks’ War are both on my TBR- I really hope to read both sometime soon(ish, because my TBR is ridiculous). But I did promise you Podkin before the end of the year (at least, I think I did… can’t remember which of my faves I locked you into reading though πŸ˜‚) so I MUST make that happen!!
    There is one on here I wasn’t so keen on though…
    Amy x

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    1. Oh, don’t leave me hanging – which one?!
      I can’t remember which ones of yours I said I’d read this year either πŸ™ˆ I’m useless! I did say I need to read the rest of the murder most unksdykike series sbd the Emma Carroll 8ve not read yet, so maybe those?

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      1. It was quite a while ago I read it now, but the main things I remember not liking was that it really *felt* like the first book in a trilogy- slow paced and not very actiony. I also found it really bleak, though that could have been more of a me thing! X

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      2. That’s fair. I think it was quite slow (the following books picked up the pace) I liked that about it, I felt like I really got into the world but I can see why it wouldn’t appeal to everyone. I quite like a bit of bleak too! Have you read Where The World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean?x

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      3. I think part of the issue with Sea stemmed from me expecting something ENTIRELY different to what it is- I read it pre-blogging and only picked it up as it was CBOTM. I was forewarned for Where the World Ends and read it when I was in the mood for something a bit grittier! X

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      4. Yes- definitely agree! I don’t think I click with her writing in general because I also didn’t like The Island at the End of Everything much, but I think I’d have liked the Girl of Ink and Stars more if I’d read it on a less turbulent and stressful day.

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      5. Ooh no! You’re killing me here – no Sarah Driver or Kiran Millwood Hargrave?! Haha! I’m only kidding, it’s good to get different opinions, especially on books I love as it gives me a fresh view on them but I really did love both of those too!x

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      6. Haha! You shouldn’t feel awful! We can’t all like everything – there’s been plenty of really popular books that I’ve expected to/wanted to like but just really haven’t.x

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      7. Maybe once I’ve made it through all of Murder Most Unladylike… πŸ˜‰ I don’t know that one, doesn’t sound like my cup of tea, though I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it.x

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      8. RACHAEL. I am shocked and appalled- never seen the Breakfast Club?! I love that film. It’s not my fave Brat Pack though- Pretty in Pink is that (it’s also my fave film of all time) x

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      9. To give you an idea of how much I love Pretty in Pink- I watched it twice within the same week after some bad news last year because it was the only thing comforting enough, and I burst into tears when they played the opening as part of a Gilmore Girls episode I just watched. Fave fave film of ever πŸ˜πŸ’œ

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  2. Some awesome books on this list *high fives for the wolf the duck and the mouse*
    Yes I need to read more Jess Butterworth!! And I keep looking at Podkin One-Ear but haven’t got round to it yet!!

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    1. I really LOVE the Podkin series – I never expected to like it and only read it as it was Book of the Month at work but I was totally won over and now I’m a huge fan!
      On the Barnett/Klassen front – Circle is out next month and I am wetting myself with excitement!

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