Library Love 10/5/19

After posting about our first trip to the library with Peapod, I’d wanted to try and make a library post a regular thing.

This week, we went to a new storytime session (new to us not the library) run by Twinkleboost. It’s designed to be very multi-sensory and really promote speech and language development (it’s run by S&L therapy assistants and they also work with schools and nurseries).

We really enjoyed it, especially because they use Makaton signing which, while it does differ from BSL, isn’t so different from the signs we learn and use at Tiny Talk (a baby signing group also designed to help communication).

Whether either actually help, there’s stories and songs and puppets and toys and ribbons and scarves and we’re out of the house, so they help as far as I’m concerned!

Well, I’m enjoying myself anyway!

Since we’re planning to keep going to this on a Thursday, my plan is to also make Thursday our main library day, with a Library Loves post on Friday with the books we took out and the books we took back.

(Doing well with that plan already as it’s nearly Saturday and I haven’t posted it yet!)

What we took back

  • Socks by Elizabeth Lindsay and Nick Sharratt Perfect for fans of Pants or Octopus Socktopus, and taking a very similar approach in taking the familiar and everyday and turning them pun-tastically sockish! The only thing I didn’t like (and god, it really did wind me up more than it should have) was the repeated refrain of “Socky Wocky Doo Dah!” We’d borrow this again, and if I can get past SWDD, we’ll buy it.
  • Doug the Bug that Went Boing by Sue Hendra An enjoyable enough book taking on friendships, fairness and falling out with the aid of a bug ball game and a dangerous mission to retrieve said ball.
  • Poo in the Zoo by Steve Smallman Let’s face it, a picture book about poo will always be popular. This one falls somewhere in the middle for me, I didn’t love the storyline, but the actual poo-related parts were quite informative, funny and well written. No gratuitous poo here.
  • Puffin Peter by Peter Horáček We really enjoyed this one. A twist on the traditional ‘Where’s my mummy?’ story, Peter has lost his friend Paul and sets out to find him with the help of a whale. Of course they find all sorts of other black and white birds, but no Paul. I liked the way the similarities between the birds built up over the story, great for animal lovers as an introduction to features of different birds, and the illustrations are gorgeous. We’ll be buying this one.

What we took out

We don’t read any in the library (we look at their board books instead) so they’re all a surprise – to be reviewed next Friday!

Have you been to the library recently?

Have you read any of these?


8 thoughts on “Library Love 10/5/19

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  1. These are all new to me- except Puffin Pete which you recommended. But some awesome illustrators there we are familiar with.
    Peapod looks such a gorgeous boy there and like this session is going to be so much fun!

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  2. These all look great, glad you and Peapod enjoyed the story session! Did you take anything out for yourself?

    I’m a very frequent visitor to my library- I went and collected a few last week (the Umbrella Mouse, the Seceet Summer, a Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and Spies in St Petersburg ) and today I’m popping in to collect Midnight at Moonstone (And possibly return Kat Wolfe Takes the Case if I manage to finish it within the next hour- which I’ll admit isn’t particularly likely 😂)
    Amy x

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    1. I didn’t get anything out for me – I have WAY too many books waiting to be read as it is! I do love my library app for ebooks and audio though.
      It’s great that you have a local library that has a good selection. Makes me sad so many are closing, going to the library was such a huge part of growing up for me.
      I still need to read Peril in Paris – it’s going to end up being another series I’m behind on! What’s Midnight at Moonstone?x

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      1. It seems to be a magical mystery- I must admit I know very little- only that it takes place in a museum where all the costumes come to life! And I think the museum might be in danger of closing down? It looks really fun and a few people whose opinions I really value have said it’s amazing, which is why I ordered it 😊
        I had an excellent morning at library because I went to pick up just that and came away with a reservation I thought was still in transit too (the Flatshare by Beth O’ Leary) x

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      2. I’m hoping to get to it soonish, fingers crossed! And I was very pleased with my bonus book 😊. Really think you’ll like Peril in Paris by the way- I liked it even more than the Sinclair’s Mysteries x

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      3. I enjoyed Sinclair’s so do want to read these too. Hoping I can get them on my library app to rwsd when I’m up at night as ebooks at some point.x

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