Library Love 17/5/19

Library Love is a new regular (ok, as regular as my posts ever are) post with short reviews of the picture books we choose from the library each week.

Our Twinkleboost story at the library this week was Aladdin. I think you can definitely say it was the abridged, adapted, rewrite! But Peapod had a nice time.

Then we swapped our books.

What we took back

  • The Tickle Ghost by Brett McKee and David McKee David McKee (Not Now Bernard, Mr Benn, Elmer) has illustrated this and the illustrations are unquestionably his. Sadly, the story is not. Dad is playing at bedtime. Mum gets in a nark about it all. Comes up to have a go and do it herself. Ends up being won over. I didn’t get on with this. I mean, I probably *am* that mum, and it was probably written based on their own sons bedtimes, but it just felt so stereotypical and…clunky. One to pass on.
  • Pig and Small by Alex Latimer So, there’s a long and convoluted story as to why we picked this up and why we liked the end so much. It has to do with a stuffed sock pig (Piggy) and his ceramic elephant friend (Heffalump) who live on my desk. Basically we chose this for the Pig and were tickled pig pink by the end! The story itself is quite sweet and written and illustrated with lots of humour – considering the main characters are a pig and a bug, you really invest in them! Pig and bug want to be friends but struggle to find things they can enjoy together because of their Suze difference (‘pig’ and small, geddit?!) – could it be the end of their blossoming friendship?! (spoiler alert – it’s not!) We’ll buy this one.

  • Sing a Song of Bottoms by Jeanne Willis and Adam Stower We really enjoyed this – good rhyme, great pace and lots of fun. Perfect for fans of Pants, 100 Dogs and other ‘list-of-types’ sort of books! The only bit I wasn’t so keen on was the end. Borrow regularly. I’d buy it if he likes it when he’s older.

What we took out

What do you think of our choices? Have you read any of them?

Have you been to the library recently?


4 thoughts on “Library Love 17/5/19

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    1. We’ve just read that one for bedtime and it’s definitely a keeper (metaphorically, I’m not stealing library books!) I do love the Large family!


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