Library Love 28/6/19

Library Love is a new regular post with short reviews of the picture books we choose from the library each week.

There may be a bit of stop-starting and moving about of Library Love over the coming couple of weeks as we settle into a nursery and work routine and figure out where library trips best fit into it all – please bear with us!

What we took back

  • Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman I’ve written before about how much I love Karma Wilson’a Bear books, so I was pleased to find this one we’d not read. Just as lovely as all the others, with nods to sharing, friendship and giving what you can not necessarily the same as everyone else. A lovely, warm, rhyming tale. I’ll be buying all of these, though they sadly seem to be out of print so I need to get them second hand.

  • The Pencil by Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman. Firmly rooted in the everyday and familiar lives of children, this is a fun example of imaginative yet relatable storytelling and testament to Allan Ahlberg’s skill as a children’s writer. I won’t buy it now, but I’d re-read and and would happily buy it if Peapod wanted it further down the line.

  • Twoo Twit by Kes Gray and Mary McQuillan Mixed reactions with this one. Peapod seemed to enjoy it, as we had to read it twice, his Dad wasn’t overly keen and I loved the beginning and some of the names used (affectionately I’d hoped) for poor old Twoo Twit – mushroom bonce being my favourite. Though I wasn’t keen on the end. Twoo Twit’s neighbours seemed unnecessarily unkind and I wasn’t convinced by his about turn of character. That said, I’ve ordered a second hand copy just for “mushroom bonce”.

  • Hide and Seek by Il Sung Na We loved the way the colours mix, run and blend in the illustrations, which suit the chameleon’s starring role perfectly. He suggests a game of hide and seek, so there’s both counting and hunting on offer as we search for the chameleon on each page as the other animals are all found. This was lovely and I’ll probably get a copy.

  • #Goldilocks – A Cautionary Tale by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross You only have to look back at my thoughts on the other books from this duo to know I’d have high hopes here. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to them. This is part of a series of 3 books helping children understand online safety and I can definitely see this working, especially in schools, in helping children negotiate the pros and cons and safe use of the Internet/social media sonin that respect it serves its purpose well. The humorous rhyme is as well-written as you’d expect from Jeanne Willis, and Tony Ross’ illustrations are in his usual funny style. It just didn’t do it for us as a bedtime story.

What we took out

Nothing! We haven’t had chance to get back to the library to choose new books yet this week, with nursery settling in taking over. Not sure what will happen next week either, so we may well have a week away from Library Love, but it’ll be back once we’re settled into our new routine!

What do you think of our choices? Have you read any of them?

Have you been to the library recently?


6 thoughts on “Library Love 28/6/19

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    1. Yes! I’m looking forward to it, I love Alice so I’m excited to see what they’ve come up with. I have a copy here and I’m contemplating trying to squeeze it in among my current reads since it’s an anthology…x

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      1. Ooh looking forward to hearing what you think! I had a peek at the beginnings of a few and I think it’ll be really good (though I was a tad baffled by all the caps lock in Pamela Burchart’s…)

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