WWW Wednesday 28/8/19

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What are you currently reading?

Cream Buns and Crime by Robin Stevens (ebook)

While I prefer the full length mysteries, this is really fun and I’m loving reading through Daisy’s eyes for a change – it’s making for a very amusing read.

The Deathless Girls by Kiran Millwood-Hargrave.

After getting out of my YA slump with Rose, Interrupted what better way to continue than with absolute fave Kiran Millwood-Hargrave?!

I have to confess, while I did enjoy The Way Past Winter last year, it didn’t capture me in quite the same way that her previous books did otherwise I don’t think there’s any way this would have sat on my shelf for so long, I normally devour her books at first opportunity. But I am loving this so far, it’s rekindled the fangirl inside!

I, Cosmo by Carlie Sorosiak

This is one that I’d promised Amy I’d try at some point after her post made me think I might like it more than I thought (those if you who know me know contemporary and animaks are really not my thing!). I hadn’t planned on reading it quite so soon, but for work reasons (massive knowing tap on the nose) I am doing!

I hope Amy doesn’t mind but *whispers* I’m still not sure it’s for me, BUT I do think it’s really original, sweet and written with great humour and ‘doggishness’ (that’s not even a word but it’s the second time I’ve used it in a review this week!)

What have you just finished reading?

Mistletoe and Murder by Robin Stevens (ebook)

I’m so glad I didn’t skip this (albeit temporarily) as I think it might be my favourite yet!

I also think I’ve finally warmed to Daisy. I’ve always thought she was a brilliant character but I couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for Hazel! But she’s really grown on me now and I think in this book I was able to really appreciate her properly.

What will you read next?


I’m still plodding slowly through Circe…only 2 hours to go though!


I’ll be working my way through the Murder Most Unladylike series!

Physical copy

I don’t know! Maybe The Switching Hour or Meat Market. Though I am still considering a Sequel September to get through some of the sidelined sequels and next-in-series I have waiting…

Have you read any of these?

What are you reading at the moment?

14 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday 28/8/19

  1. So pleased you’re enjoying Cream Buns and Crime! I LOVE it when we get to read from Daisy’s perspective- my favourite of hers is the Case of the Missing Treasure. You’ll hear from Beanie and Alexander in there too, and those are also really fun 😊
    I don’t mind at all about you not being 100% sure of Cosmo yet! I’m glad you don’t outright hate it though, and I hope you end up loving him of course. To give you an idea of how much I adore him, I’m tearing up just typing his name 😂. I really must get to the Switching Hour soon as well! Sequel September sounds like a fun idea too!
    The last book I finished was my reread of Forever Geek (which I loved as much as always), I’m now reading Gruffles and the Killer Sheep so I can review for the blog tour next week and I think next up I’m going to reread Murder Most Unladylike…
    Amy x

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    • I am enjoying Cream Buns, it’s such a fun idea for a book and a great one for fans of the series to find out more.
      Ah, that’s do sweet about Cosmo. I definitely don’t hate it, it’s making me smile abd is very, very sweet, just not my cup of tea. Can totally see the appeal though!
      I know absolutely nothing about Gruffles so I’ll be interested to read about that on your blog soon! I’m do excited fir your MMU re-read too!

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      • Gruffles is the 3rd Gangster School book, which I quite enjoyed! I’m very excited for my MMU reread too- I’m starting the first one today and then depending on how long that takes I might try and squeeze in Arsenic for Tea too before I go back to my TBR that I’ve not read, and then I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to get through the rest of the series. I think my next from my books I’ve not read before might be North Child, which I was sent for review and am looking forward to!

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    • Circe has taken me FOREVER to listen to, but mostly because I’ve not had much time to listen. I have really enjoyed it though. Circe is a fantastic character and the way it incorporates all the Greek myths is brilliant.


  2. Had busy few days & missed this!! I didn’t think I, Cosmo was for you but glad you tried it, it’s a good one to know for recommending to animal lovers, positive Male role models (the uncle not the dad!!) and in case you get asked for a gentle book that deals with family breakdown.

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