Sequel September

I’ve decided (though whether I stick to it and how far I get with it and different matters entirely!) to attempt a ‘Sequel September’ next month.

As many of you will know, my reading has slowed right down over the last year and I have a ridiculous TBR pile looking at me.

And so in trying to get through all the new releases I ‘should’ know for work (or feel I should) sequels often get sidelined with the thinking that at least if I’ve read the first book I’ll know enough about the theme, style etc to get by with book 2.

Nothing like a bit of alliteration is there, so Sequel September is born and will be my attempt to get through my sequel stack!

The books I’m going to try to read are:

I’ll also be trying to read The Train to Impossible Places and Storm Witch even though they aren’t sequels, but their sequels are out/will be out soon and I still haven’t read them! So they are going in the mix!

There’s no way I’ll get through them all, I’ll be lucky yo get through a couple, but it might make a dent in them at least! Wish me luck!

Have you read any of these?

Are there any sequels you’re planning to read or looking forward to?

6 thoughts on “Sequel September

  1. I may join you if I get on top of my current pile & MMU Marathon.
    I think you will like the train to Impossible places as it’s very Discworldy with some classic British telly in there too.
    And Lost tide warriors is fantastic!!

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