WWW Wednesday 11/9/19

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What are you currently reading?

Death in the Spotlight by Robin Stevens (ebook)

Of course I’m loving this because I’ve loved all this series (incidentally we got Murder Most Unladylike in with blue sprayed edges today! I hope they do all of them, surely they must?!) Though so far, I’m. Not loving the theatre setting as much and I’ve found it a bit slower to get going than usual. That all sounds very negative but it’s not really – I’m still very much enjoying it!

Uki and the Outcasts by Kieran Larwood, illustrated by David Wyatt.

I love the Five Realms books and this I s no exception. Although I do party wish it was another Podkin book, I think its a brilliant idea to hsvea book mid-series that would also be perfect as a stand alone read or fine as the durst book you read on that world. I’m loving Uki and his new found friends and the different world that’s being laid out to the one we’re familiar with from Podkin.

Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield (audiobook read by Juliet Stevenson)

I’m still very much enjoying this and love Diane Setterfield’s style of writing. I’ve loved the way the characters and their histories are central to the plot and scene-setting. I feel there’s going to be much weaving together of these stories as the mystery is unravelled.

What have you just finished reading?

A Spoonful of Murder by Robin Stevens (ebook)

I loved reading this again now I know the characters better. The change in them thanks to the change of scene was really well written and believable, with some very touching and funny moments.

The Case of the Missing Treasure by Robin Stevens (ebook)

A short, fun read written by Daisy which – after reading Cream Buns and Crime – I was really pleased about. She does make me smile.

The Deathless Girls by Kiran Millwood-Hargrave

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve been utterly useless at getting a review posted for this but i will do soon! I loved it. Kiran’s usual lyrical style and evocative descriptions but with added grit and darkness. And oh, how I loved the ending.

I Go Quiet by David Ouimet

This is a stunning book, perfect for introverts, book lovers and fans of Shaun Tan. Absolutely gorgeous, affirming and inspiring.

What will you read next?


I think Once Upon a River will take me a while (though hopefully not as long as Circe!) so I’m not sure yet.


I’ll be reaching the end (so far!) of the Murder Most Unladylike series with Top Marks for Murder.

Physical copy

So, Sequel September is being firmly sidelined. I can’t say much but I have a reading challenge for the next month or two – a lot to get through and not much time, wish me luck!

Have you read any of these?

What are you reading at the moment?

13 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday 11/9/19

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    1. I’m dying to spill but can’t yet! Look forward to reading your reviews and chatting all things MMU, I haven’t written full reviews for them all – I’m behind enough already!

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      1. Ha! I bought a slim notebook for making reading notes in the style of Hazel (slowed me down MASSIVELY but it’s a really nice activity and record I feel) and I’ve already gone over half way in the notebook so now have to transfer everything to a thick one!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hazel has multiple casebooks, I’m sure you can too – just add a new one, don’t transfer it all over! That is a lovely reading record to have and keep though.
        I keep noting down phrases or bits that I like ftom what I’m reading in my phone, but I want to get them transferred to a nice notebook too!

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      3. I like the idea of volumes but I also liked that I tinted the edges of the
        MMU notes blue, the AFT green and plan to match for subsequent books. Plus I’ve found the book is too narrow for comfortable notes!! Need at least A5.

        Normally everything goes in my phone but I liked this. I feel like I’m joining in especially as I noted down my thoughts as I read – and by doing it I guessed AFT (but in a good way not a ‘that was too easy’ way)

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      4. I love that you’ve done the edges. Amazing!
        I feel like I want to join in the casebook fun now! But I read these on my phone in bed while feeding Peapod back to sleep so it’s not really practical!!

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  1. I wish I’d already read the 2nd and 3rd book in The Five Realms! I really want to read Uki and the Outcasts. I totally loved The Deathless Girls as well and have got The Mercies from NetGalley – love Kiran’s writing. I’ve seen I Go Quiet – it looks fantastic- is it suitable for Year 4?

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    1. You could definitely read Uki before the others. It’s sort of parallel to Podkin – hard to explain without giving too much away – but there are things that are mentioned in this that relate to the first 3 books but nothing that would spoil them and as Podkin etc aren’t in it you don’t need to know what’s gone before,though it is all connected.

      I’m really looking forward to The Mercies – very jealous that you already have it!!
      I Go Quiet is wonderful, albeit quite dark in atmosphere. I can’t see any reason it wouldn’t be suitable – it’s very like Shaun Tan’s books – but it does cover some pretty raw emotions and themes of depression, loneliness, difference so read it with your soecific class in mind first. (I know that goes without saying, but the overly cautious bookseller in me can’t help it!)

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      1. Thank you – off to get Uki this weekend! I may have The Mercies but probably won’t get to read it until half term – it’s not out until Feb so that should be ok! I’ll get I Go Quiet as I love Shaun Tan books but might use it later in the year. Thank you for being so helpful.

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    1. I meant to message you about DitS before but then I couldn’t and now I’ve forgotten what it was! It’ll come back to me!
      It took me a while to get into the theatre setting, but I’m well and truly hooked again now! It’s just after they’ve discovered the body and a certain character from earlier books has just reappeared much to my delight. Also, absolutely LOVING D & H and their friendship in this even more than ever!x


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