Library Love

Library Love is a regular post with short reviews of the picture books we choose from the library each week or so.

It’s been a while since we posted, as between bought and gifted books we had a bit of a backlog! But we’re back! Peapod went to the library with Dad this time while I was in work and this is what they chose…

What we took back

  • Croc and Bird by Alexis Deacon. This got a unanimous thumbs up from us all! Two eggs hatch on a beach – one Croc and one Bird. They are all alone so use their individual strengths and skills to work together and find shelter, food etc. And so together they grow, until one day they find a swamp full of other Crocs near trees full of other Birds and realise they can’t be brothers after all. Of course, after they return to their ‘rightful’ groups, they realise family isn’t all down to genetics! Sweet without being saccharine, very funny and gorgeous illustrations. Peapod’s Dad says: “Quite nice, liked that.” We’ve already bought it.
  • Imagine by John Lennon/Yoko Ono, illustrated by Jean Jullien. Ugh. Peapod’s Dad says: “Disappointing…though I don’t know what I was expecting.” Let’s move on!
  • Little Croc and Whale by Tony Maddox This was ok, Little Croc and Bird (I feel sorry for Bird who has every bit as much of a part in the story as Croc or Whale, but gets no credit for it on the title) end up washed out to sea where Whale helps them only to end up in triubke himself. Peapod likes the pages with all the animals on and the way the story was resolved was good, but I felt on the whole it just lacked the finesse, the ruthless editing, the style to really blow us away. Peapod’s Dad says “It was alright.” I’d read this again if asked, but I wouldn’t choose it.
  • Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell. So, I really like Martin Waddell’s books on the whole, but as something of a classic (especially in early years classrooms!) I’m already familiar with Farmer Duck and maybe I am missing something but I just don’t get the appeal. I can see why kids enjoy it – the lazy farmer and the clever animals getting their own back – but I can’t see how it’s become the classic it seems to be. Anyway, I alresfy knew this was one I wasn’t a huge fan of. Peapod wasn’t that fussed by it either and his Dad says “it wasn’t very good. I couldn’t remember what happened…not a lot happened.” Wouldn’t be one I’d choose to read, but I’d read it if asked.

  • The Last Wolf by Mini Grey

What we took out

Still nothing! I wrote this ages ago but between books I’ve been gifted, books I’ve bought and books supplied for my current reading challenge we’ve once again been swamped without needing to add library books to the mix! We’ll be taking some out soon though!

What do you think of our choices? Have you read any of them?

Have you been to the library recently?

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    1. I think it’s mostly just the old cynic in me! Ha! It’s mot my favourite song as it is, but I can see how as a song in its original form it might be evocative or well-placed to certain people or at certain times. But this just feels dull.
      When I think of the Tim Hopgood books that are illustrated songs (what a wonderful world, singing in the rain etc) and how vibrant they are and how well they capture the essence of the songs abd bring them to life another way, this just doesn’t do that. (this has also reminded me that I have Moon River waiting for review so I’ll do a Hopgood post soon!)

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