Autumn Overview

I don’t normally do a monthly review or anything like that, but since going almost entirely silent for most of October, I thought a brief(ish) recap of my reeds before heading into November, and hopefully back onto the blog more often, would be a good way to welcome myself back!

So, as many of you know for the past 6 or 7 weeks, I’ve been cramming in books like I never have before for a secret sort of challenge that I still can’t really say much about, other than I’m pretty pleased with how I got on!

These are the books I managed to read in full (missing are a few children’s non fiction that I read too and a few YA that I skimmed but didn’t get through cover to cover).

If I take out the picture books, I got through 28 books, roughly 4 per week! I know for many of you this is normal, but it was a huge achievement for me and really took some doing!

I read a lot of books I wouldn’t normally have picked up, as well as a lot I’d had waiting patiently on my bookcase for ages. It was a a really good way to push me to read some more YA as well as a couple if contemporary MG – two types of books that always gets sidelined – and I was pleasantly surprised by a number of them. My challenge now is to remember how useful I found it and continue to read a bit more outside my comfort zone more often.

I’ll give a brief summary of my thoughts on each of the books over the next few days, split into picture books, MG and YA, beginning with picture books later today.

Its good to be back 😊

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