Well, I must be mad! Having just finished the most insane reading challenge I’m taking on another! Although this time I’m hoping I can go easier and take things more at my own pace, getting through as much as I can get through but with less pressure!

This time, I’ll be taking part in Believathon during November – a twitter-based reading challenge celebrating children’s books, especially MG. All the information can be found here, and you can follow the goings on via @believathon and #Believathon on twitter.

There is a group read, which is Frostheart by Jamie Littler. Luckily we’re allowed to read this in advance as I’ve already read this one!

Then there are ten prompts for the month, of which you can do all ten or just choose 4 and read one a week.

I’ve chosen a book for each prompt but have chosen four of these that will be my priorities. Any I read on top of that I’m seeing as a bonus!

So, my four definites are:

Below are all the prompts and my choices for them.

1. A book featuring magic.

2. A book featuring myths and legends.

3. A book featuring real world issues.

4. A book set in the past.

5. A book with a strong sense of friendship.

6. A creepy or atmospheric book.

7. A seasonal book.

8. A book featuring an animal character.

OK, maybe a clockwork crow is cheating a tiny bit, but…!

9. A children’s classic

10. A childhood favourite.

This one is proving tricky to pick. The Hobbit, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, A Little Princess and Goodnight Mister Tom are all contenders. As are Chimney Witch Chase, Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat or Tilly Mint and the Dodo. TBC…!

Are you taking part in #Believathon? What have you chosen for it?

Have you read any of these books already?


9 thoughts on “#Believathon

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  1. Can we maybe still buddy read Skycircus? I’m happy to try and fit in with your schedule ofc when I’m asking!! Lots of the rest are ones I’ve really enjoyed, and then there’s also loads I want to read!
    Amy x

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  2. Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat! I loved that book and this is the first time I’ve seen anyone else mention it.
    I’ve never read any of the books you’ve chosen, which just goes to show how many books I still need to get to. If only I had more time!

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    1. I bought that book with some of the book token I won age 7 as part of a puffin book competition at my local bookshop – both the book itself and spending that voucher are find memories of mine. I’ve not reread it as a ‘grown up’ nor met anyone else (til now) who knows it either! It’s looking like a strong possibility for prompt 10 now…!


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