Believathon Round Up

As most of you know, I took part in Believathon during November.

You can see my original post on it, with all my goals and choices, here.

There were 10 prompts plus a group book, but you could choose any amount from 4 up. I chose 10 in the hope of reading more, but aimed to read at least four of the books below

I managed five of them. It’s easy to feel disheartened and a bit disappointed by this, especially as I see lots of posts about how many others have read and even more so seeing posts about all the extra books people got through after completing their ten.

However, I need to try and be positive. I know I’m not the fastest reader and fitting it in between work and a toddler is a struggle (for me), so to have managed just over one a week isn’t too bad.

I’d have liked to have managed one or two more, but I hit a bit of a wall near the end of the month and I read The Velvet Fox when I finished The Clockwork Crow instead of going straight to another Believathon read, so I need to just remind myself that five is ok.

I read

The Train to Impossible Places by PG Bell – Read my thoughts here.

Skycircus by Peter Bunzl – Read my review here.

The Clockwork Crow (and The Velvet Fox) by Catherine Fisher – Read my review here.

North Child by Edith Pattou – review to follow this week!

Everything, All At Once by Steven Camden – review to follow this week!

I also started Invisible in a Bright Light by Sally Gardner which was on my original list. I really, really need to read A Darkness of Dragons and The Switching Hour soon though as they’ve been on my pile FOREVER! I might try and read A Box of Delights in December too…

Well done to those of you who also took part! It was a really fun challenge that had a great sense of community book love. Really hoping it becomes an annual event!

11 thoughts on “Believathon Round Up

  1. Well done!!!!!! I struggled but managed 10 in the end plus 4 other books – for me the killer was The Toll.
    I haven’t actually read anything properly (other than to the girls of course) since Saturday night as I felt a little overwhelmed by it all. I’ve got a few to read for my early chapter posts but they are lovely and bite size so should be achievable to get my appetite back!

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    • Thank you! You did so well getting through all those (especially The Toll!) in a month that wasn’t the best for you I know.
      And yes, this is how I feel at the moment too, finding it very hard to get reading knowing how many unread books are waiting! Hoping getting caught up on some reviews over the next week might ease it a bit…

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      • Fingers crossed for both of us as it it isn’t the right month to ‘want to read but not want to read but do want to read’ wimbling dance – all the distractions!!

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  2. You’ve done brilliantly- North Child is huge – definitely worth two! I’ve had A Darkness of Dragons on my TBR for ages and really want to read it soon! I think I need to catch up on all my older reads for a while, it it’s so hard not to jump to the new releases! I’ve also got 4 waiting for me on NetGalley that I really should read soon!

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    • Ah, thank you!
      This is exactly the dilemma I’m having – I want to start with the newer titles (partly because I’m do excited for them, partly because they’re so seasonal and partly because they’re the ones I need to be up on at work) but this is exactly the reason books languish on my tbr pile for so long so part of me thinks I should just read the older ones first! Really I just need more hours in the day!

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      • Totally agree – I’ve got so many wintery reads that I really want to read in Dec/Jan that older books aren’t getting a look-in! We’ll get there eventually!

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