Peapod’s Book Advent Day 12

You can find out more about our Christmas Book Advent here.

Last night we read…

Alfie’s Christmas by Shirley Hughes

This is another we read last year and another we’re likely to bring out every year – as much because of Peapod’s Dad’s ongoing teasing that they’re boring when really he quite likes them now as anything else!

True to form, there was a theatrical eye roll and a secretly pleased “oh, it’s Shirley!” when we opened this last night. He then went on to read it, every so often slipping in his own version of events – Dad’s response to the missing batteries on Christmas Day was a bit different shall we say?! And ended with “Nothing happened again!”
Of course, it did – Christmas Day happened. Stories of Christmas adventures, disasters, magic and mayhem are brilliant and we love lots of them, but this is a book that is about the magic and treasure that is a ‘normal’, uneventful family Christmas.

Cosy, nostalgic and gently told, we (all!) love the Alfie stories and this is no exception!


7 thoughts on “Peapod’s Book Advent Day 12

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  1. My girls ADORE this book, apparently I did too, I can see what pea pods dad means in a way but these books are very much like Jill Murphy picture books in that they convey the slightly uncomfortable truths about parenting but in a warm way- like unwrapping the stocking, Rosie needing a nap and Alfie s walk because he’s so excited and would keep his sister awake make the things we go through as parents normal instead of the dichotomy of useless/absent to Flop’s levels of practically perfect patience in every way and nothing in between!!

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    1. Who or what is Flop?! But yes, totally agree that I love all the real, everyday things she gets into the books. So does Peapod’s dad now, though he wouldn’t admit it! I’ve got both Lucy and Tom and My Naughty Little Sister in the advent pile too and can’t decide whether to do them all in a row or spread them out.
      How good would a Large family Christmas Book be?!

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      1. Flop is the orange knitted thing in Bing. The patience of a saint! I think There should be a Large Family Christmas book but it may involve Mrs Large sobbing into the gravy considering the family!!

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      2. I would advise avoiding, it seems sweet at first and the going to the loo when you need it one is really useful but it grates on you after a while. my husband abhors Bing with a passion as Flop takes a very gentle parenting approach to him explaining patiently and softly when normal people would have probably snapped if you didn’t want the carrot you were playing with to end up in your smoothie you shouldn’t have thrown it at the blender you numpty!!

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      3. Hahaha!! I think Flop would be a flop here! I plan to avoid as much kid’s TV as possible for as long as possible. I know some programmes are good but there’s plenty of time for us to get to them! As soon as naps go though, I’ll be singing a different song 😂

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