Peapod’s Book Advent Days 19 – 22

You can find out more about our Christmas Book Advent here.

Playing catch up again! Friday was another night where Peapod crashed out before we’d even looked at a book, but on Saturday we read

My Naughty Little Sister by Dorothy Edwards, illustrated by Shirley Hughes

Yes, Shirley Hughes again! Although she didn’t write this one!

I loved My Naughty Little Sister when I was little so it was lovely to revisit this story in picture book form with Peapod.

I still got that thrill of disbelief and laughter that My Naughty Little Sister biting poor Father Christmas elicits and she still brings back fond memories of my own little sister, who also disliked Father Christmas for a short spell (though she never bit him!!) and also took such a shine to a doll that had to be hers that she stole it from playgroup!

For his part, Peapod was fascinated by the illustrations of the Christmas tree and especially of My Naughty Little Sister – painting to her face and body parts for us to name them and finding his!

Yesterday, we went for something much more modern and silly, but it’s another we really enjoyed last year…

Mince Spies by Mark Sperring and Sophie Corrigan

All the tasty Christmas treats in the supermarket are under attack, but who could be behind it? The mince spies are here to find out!

With a fuzzy, warm Christmas message at its core, this has enough humour – both in the story and visually – to still be lots of fun and not at all a ‘message’ book.

Peapod really only cares about the reindeer at the end, but just like with Oh Christmas Tree, I think its one he’ll enjoy more as he gains understanding in years to come.

And I’ve missed a day but I can’t figure out what I’m forgetting so it’ll have to stay missed for now!


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