Six for Sunday – Associations

Six for Sunday is Steph at alittlebutalot‘s creation with a prompt each week to blog about.

Today’s prompt is:

I found this hard. I’m not really sure which books people associate with me (please tell me if there are any you think of!), so I’ve gone with a more general ‘sorts of book’ I think people associate with me, largely based on what colleagues say and show me. I think it really just reads as a ‘my favourite sorts of book’ list, but I suppose that’s sort of why they assosciate them with me!

1. Unusual picture books – whether delightfully drawn, deadpan, dark or just plain different, whenever we get a slightly quirky picture book in everyone in work comments on knowing I’d like it/buy it etc.

2. Fantasy/adventure MG – magic, quests, journeys, new worlds, reluctant heroes, perilous rescues – you know I’m going to love it!

3. Anything that draws on fairytale and folklore. OK there’s a bit if crossover here with the last one but if it’s remotely fairytale based I am THERE!

4. Bleak or gritty books. Can’t beat a bit of dystopia and despair…! OK, I’m exaggerating a bit but I do like books that tackle real events (without going full on contemporary ‘issues’!) and those that lean towards a hopeful ending over a happy one.

5. Adult fiction with a touch of the ‘other’ – whether magical realism, a gothic sense of the supernatural, a touch of madness or mind games or all of the above!

6. Books with pretty covers! I’m a book magpie. I can’t help it! Lots of the books I’ve already pictured tick this box too!

Which books do people associate with you?

Are there any books you associate with me?

Are there any books you’d recommend me based on this?

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