Library Love – Grab and Go!

Library Love is a weekly/fortnightly-ish (depending on when we read what!) post featuring books we borrow from the library. Sometimes Peapod and I go (in which case it’s always books I don’t know) and sometimes he goes with his dad.

What we took back

Read the Book, Lemmings by Ame Dyckman and Zachariah OHora This was ok and quite funny. We liked the characters (especially Ditto) and GERONIMO-O-O! Overall, it felt like a bit of a nearly but not quite – like it was missing an unknown something that would have really nailed it.

Peapod’s Dad says “Mmm…repetitive. Not my favourite.”

Would borrow again when Peapod is bigger and see how he enjoys it, but probably wouldn’t buy.

Penguin in Peril by Helen Hancocks I thought we’d all quite enjoyed this one, until I asked Peapod’s Dad for his verdict! I liked it anyway! Peapod liked pointing to the cats (“tat!”) and I was a big fan of the illustrations. A criminal caper in search of a fishy feast results in a kidnapped penguin and a daring escape.

Peapod’s Dad says “Can’t remember it. *quick recap* Err, not brilliant. The fact that I can’t remember it doesn’t bode well.”

Would borrow again, was contemplating buying it until I got Peapod’s dad’s verdict (probably still will!)

Treats for a T-Rex by Charlotte and Adam Guillain and Lee Wildish An enjoyable enough bedtime read. Brightly illustrated with rhyming text, this bounces along and is plenty of fun.

Peapod’s Dad says “Not bad. Not high brow. Easy reading.” For once, I think his dad has hit the nail on the head with his review!

Would borrow again happily, but probably wouldn’t buy.

Emma Jane’s Aeroplane by Anne Haworth and Daniel Rieley I liked the idea of this – a little girl travels to different cities and collects an animal native to or related to that country in some way in each place – and I liked the illustrations and design. But I didn’t get on with the repeated refrain in each place, which just seemed like it had some fairly random stuff shoehorned in because it needed to rhyme.

Peapod’s Dad says “Not bad if you read it in the style of Guy Garvey (in cBeebies Bedtime Story style – Peapod’s Dad tries to read every rhyming book like Guy Garvey) Otherwise not great.”

Would borrow again if Peapod chose it, but wouldn’t bother otherwise.

Hide Me, Kipper! by Mick Inkpen Were big fans of Kipper and this was no exception. I especially liked that the book was the setting with Little Squeaky Mouse and Kipper hiding in “the foldy bit”. Peapod especially liked that it had a mouse, a cat and a dog in it!!

Peapod’s Dad says “Yeah, that was quite good that. Easy to follow.”

We’ll definitely be buying more of the Kipper books.

Top picks of the week:

Peapod – Probably Hide Me, Kipper for the mouse, cat and dog combo!

Me – Either Hide Me, Kipper or Penguin in Peril.

Peapod’s Dad – Hide Me, Kipper

What we took out

By all accounts, Peapod and his dad had an eventful trip to the library this week, involving much befriending of librarians and bookshelf ‘reorganising’ on Peapod’s part, and much running after him on his, Dad’s. So, his dad chose a couple and also took out the couple Peapod had got his hands on!

Have you read any of these? Have you been to the library recently?

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