Six for Sunday – Habits

Six for Sunday is Steph at alittlebutalot‘s creation with a prompt each week to blog about.

Today’s prompt is:

Another I’ve had to ponder. I’m sure as I read the habits others have I’ll recognise many I have too, but all I can think of is my habits regarding when and where I read, so I’m going with that.

Six times and places you’ll almost certainly find me reading…

1. On my lunch break. This is one if the main chunks of time I get to read a physical book, so invariably I will be at the staff room table, lunch in one hand and book in the other

2. On my commute. I usually read my ebook on the way to work and back but if I don’t have too much stuff and get a seat on the tram I sometimes read my physical book too.

3. Nap times. I usually spend most of Peapod’s naptime listening to an audiobook while I do jobs around the house, but try to squeeze in a bit of time for a sit down with a coffee and a physical book too if he hasn’t woken by the time I’ve finished the housework.

4. In the evenings when I’m up and downstairs resettling Peapod. Peapod is a frequent waker still, so while I do get to go downstairs after putting him to bed, I’m usually up a few times with him before I go up to bed too. I usually read an ebook on my phone while he feeds back to sleep.

5. Before bed. It used to be that my main reading time was in bed before I went to sleep. I can’t really read my physical book in bed now without rusking waking Peapod but I manage to get a few pages in with a glass of wine and some chocolate before I go up most nights!

6. Peapod’s bedtime. The three of us all share a story when putting Peapod to bed. We have done since he was new born and I hope it will be something that sticks as he gets older and be ones a habit for him too!

When and where do you read? Do you have any bookish habits?

7 thoughts on “Six for Sunday – Habits

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    1. When he was little I read throughout the night when he woke because it was so frequent I don’t think I ever properly switched off, but now that its ‘only’ every 2hrs or so I can’t wake enough to read overnight, just when he wakes in the window when he’s in bed but I’m still up.


      1. Ah, lucky to not wake as much but sure special care came with its own challenges – there’s ups and downs for all of us in different ways! Sure Peapod will sleep eventually..!


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