Library Love 30/1/20

Library Love is a weekly/fortnightly-ish (depending on when we read what!) post featuring books we borrow from the library. Sometimes Peapod and I go (in which case it’s always books I don’t know) and sometimes he goes with his dad.

What we took back

Don’t Leap, Larry by John Briggs and Nicola Slater Another lemming book – our second in as many weeks! I much preferred this to last week’s, although Peapod’s dad wasn’t sold on either! I thought this was a sweet and funny tale of not following the crowd – think Odd Dog Out or Be More Bernard – and I liked the illustrations too.

Peapod’s Dad says “Mmm…repetitive. Not my favourite.”

Would borrow again, might buy.

Cuckoo by Fiona Roberton This started quite well and had so much potential but just ended so weirdly. I love a bit of weird when it works but this was just…odd. Especially when there was a perfect, amusing ending staring you in the face (both Peapod’s dad and I thought we knew exactly what it’d be!) We did like the illustrations though and Peapod was a fan of making some of the animal noises in the book.

Peapod’s Dad says “Can’t remember it. *quick recap* Err, not brilliant. The fact that I can’t remember it doesn’t bode well.”

Wouldn’t bother again unless Peapod asked for it. Read Chatterbox Bear instead – same theme, better done.

How Elephants Lost Their Wings by Lesley Sims and Katie Lovell. I’m sure this would be an appealing and engaging retelling of a folktale for many early readers (at whom it is aimed). As a bedtime story to read aloud though it was a bit meh, not awful, just none of us were bothered at all by it. (this was of course to be expected since its not the point of the book)

Peapod’s Dad says “Not bad. Not high brow. Easy reading.” For once, I think his dad has hit the nail on the head with his review!

It’s not one we’d look at again until Peapod was older, if he wanted it then, maybe.

Spot Loves His Grandma by Eric Hill We love ‘Where’s Spot?’ but the other Spot books are hit and miss and this was definitely a miss. A bit dull, no flaps and not much to relate to. We did enjoy naming some of the things in the pictures but even that didn’t last long.

Peapod’s Dad says “Not bad if you read it in the style of Guy Garvey (in cBeebies Bedtime Story style – Peapod’s Dad tries to read every rhyming book like Guy Garvey) Otherwise not great.”

Would borrow again if Peapod chose it, but wouldn’t bother otherwise.

Top picks of the week:

Peapod – Probably Cuckoo for the animals and their sounds!

Me – Don’t Leap Larry.

Peapod’s Dad -…

What we took out

It was a flying visit to the library today on our way home for lunch after music. Peapod enjoyed seeing all the other children there and playing in the house!

We’ve got a few of our own to read too, so we just took 3 today…

…as well as this one, which Peapod carried round the whole time we were there (all about the dogs at the moment!!)

Have you read any of these? Have you been to the library recently?

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