Peapod’s Reading Round Up 20/5/20

Some of the highlights of our reading week…

It’s been another long week here and while I know we have been reading a lot, I’ve lost track bit! But I’ve pulled out some of our reads to share.

Some of our bedtime reads this week.

After reading Paddington by Michael Bond on a continuous loop at bedtime last week, this week we’ve read from my old Paddington collection too!

We still have all our garden-themed books downstairs at the moment and these are the current favourites ftom it.

I’m especially pleased to say One Mole Digging a Hole by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt has gone from being dismissed out of hand to one of our most read books this week! We have read it over and over again!

A bright, fun counting book full of familiar animals doing the gardening. The simple, rhyming text is perfect for short attention spans and/or repetition and joining in. There’s loads to look at, count, name and spot in Nick Sharratt’s characteristically lively illustrations and these are our favourite thing about it.

Our absolute most-read, favourite book this week though has definitely been Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.

This is an absolute classic and deservedly so – its simple, repetitive format; well-known and well-loved wild animals and flaps are a recipe for success as the zoo send out increasingly ridiculous choices of pets. Will they get it right eventually?

Peapod has always loved this one – this was a good eight months ago! – but it’s one we return to again and again.

His nursery manager posted a video of her reading it in his room at nursery and he’s loved watching that every evening, so we set it up again in his playroom and we have told it and told it and retold it and retold it and…

I am loving his excitement for this!

What have your little readers been reading this week? Have you read any of these?

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