Picture Book Picks: Now Wash Your Hands!

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done a picture book post, despite having spent a small fortune on them during lockdown!

But in an attempt to get back into it, here’s four of our new ones.

Today, I’ll be reviewing Now Wash Your Hands! Check back over the next few days for reviews of the others!

Now Wash Your Hands by Matt Carr

Doctorpus Doris has gone into school to teach about germs and handwashing.

With Covid seeing us up our hand hygiene, this is a really fun way to get that message across to young children (and with 50p from each sale going towards the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal) l.

There is, though, no mention of Covid and as such, this will remain a brilliant ‘tool’ in any home, nursery or classroom even after this pandemic has passed in helping to explain to children in a simple, bright and engaging way how and why we wash our hands.

There’s even a handy (geddit?!) hand washing song and visual instructions for a good handwash too!

We’re big fans of Matt Carr’s books already; this retains his characteristic colourful, bold style and is definitely Peapod’s current favourite daytime read!

He asks for this book all the time. He loves Doris, joins in reading (shouting “hands!” at the ‘wash your hands’ parts) and it’s been great at getting him to wash his hands more willingly too.

He’s usually pretty good anyway but if we’re met with any reluctance, a quick “what would Doris the Doctorpus say?” gets us an immediate run to the sink and “hands!”

I’ve now bought another two copies for his nursery too!


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