Picture Book Picks – Mini Rabbit Must Help

Mini Rabbit Must Help by John Bond

Mini Rabbit is back! Hurrah!

We first met Mini Rabbit in Mini Rabbit Not Lost back in early 2019 and it’s remained a firm favourite (you can read a review of it here) so I’ve been really looking forward to Mini Rabbit’s next adventure and I wasn’t disappointed.

It proved an instant hit with Peapod too and it’s jumped straight into our regular reads basket and is read at least once a day and most bedtimes too!

Mother Rabbit has a letter to post and Mini Rabbit is only too keen to help! Armed with cake slime and stick he sets off to post the letter…what could go wrong?!

Well, throw in a missed bus, sticky, cake-covered paws, a dip in the river, a strong gust of wind and a post box that’s ever so slightly too high and the answer, apparently, is lots.

As with the first book, Mini Rabbit’s childlike enthusiasm and exuberance paired with Mother Rabbit’s familiar blend of fond exasperation, patience and resignation (which will be familiar to parents everywhere) make for a wonderful pair of characters who’ll be instantly loved.

It’s this observant and humorous take on everyday events paired with John Bond’s unique voice that sees the Rabbits up there with the Large Family for us.

I especially love that there’s no moral, no message, no attempt to teach us anything (except maybe an incidental reminder that it’s nice to be nice and what goes around comes around) – it is just all about an enjoyable, well-crafted and engaging story.

Peapod loves seeing the letter get blown away then found by the bird (we were especially pleased to see the bird from Not Lost playing a starring role here!)

He comforts Mini Rabbit (“sad”) with a stroke, then delights in the bird returning the letter every time we read it. Likewise, he loves seeing the letter get covered in cake (and I love this link back to the first book!) “Cake!” he shouts pointing with glee at the cake-covered letter.

This is a book which absolutely captures the magic of a child’s world. It’s all the small familiar highs and lows of toddler life – independence, birds, cake, ducks, a can-do attitude like no other, letter posting, buses and helping all ramped up into an exciting and very funny adventure.

It has all the quirkiness, style and detail you’d expect, with so much going on in the pictures that, as with Not Lost, there’s something new every time and plenty, especially for those who are already fans, to spot.

Peapod is particularly taken with that box under Mother Rabbit’s desk – “Peep! Hide! Box!” and I love the postbox we see just before Mini Rabbit starts his epic hunt for one.

With so much to love, this is a brilliant new addition to our bookcase and I’m already impatiently waiting to see what Mini Rabbit gets up to next!

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