Peapod’s Picks/KLTR – Charlie and Lola

Peapod’s Picks is a weekly(ish) round up of some of the books we’ve been enjoying recently.

This week we’re also linking up with the monthly Kids Love to Read, hosted by by Book Bairn, Acorn Books and Laura’s Lovely Blog.

This week, we’re loving Lauren Child’s Charlie and Lola books, specifically ‘But Excuse Me, That is My Book‘ in which Lola repeatedly chooses the same, favourite book from the library until one day they go and she can’t find it.

Lola loves reading and she really loves books. But at the moment there is one book that is extra specially special…

Just substitute Peapod’s name here. We have read this for bedtime every night (at least three or four times per eve) for the last couple of weeks.

And then he woke up at 3am the other night, sat straight up and immediately asked for “Charlie Lola”.

We have put all his Charlie and Lola books in his current bedtime basket in the hope of at least varying which C&L story we read, but ‘But Excuse Me, That is My Book’ (or Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies as it’s known in our house) remains his favourite and his best.

He loves Lola demanding to go to the library “now, now, now, now, now” and Charlie telling her to be quiet – he takes great delight in “shhhhh-ing” through the library pages. He likes them looking for books that begin with “B, b, b…” and his dad and I then listing all the things we can think of that start with ‘b’ (all ideas welcome!)

He can finish pretty much all the sentences in it now and when we walk past our local library he cries “shhhhh! Li-ree” delightedly!

It’s safe to say this book is going nowhere anytime soon!

Here are some of the other Charlie and Lola books he’s also enjoyed…

I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed

Peapod loves seeing all the animals doing everyday things as Charlie coaxes Lola into getting ready for bed, especially the lion brushing his teeth and the whale in the bath!

I Will Never, Not Ever Eat a Tomato
Peapod enjoys hearing the long list of food Lola won’t eat and hearing the imaginatively redesigned dinner Charlie prepares instead! He especially likes the idea of cloud mashed potato and enjoys joining in with big “nooooo”s or pretending to enjoy it unexpectedly like Lola – “oh, yes!”

We Honestly Can Look After Your Dog
It has a dog in it. That alone means it passes the Peapod test, though he does especially like it when there are two Sizzleses at the end!

Luckily, I enjoy a bit of Charlie and Lola – I love the illustration style the most and I like how Lola actually sounds like a small child. But they’re long and repetitive for multiple reads every bedtime, so I am ready for something new to steal the spotlight soon…

Are there any Charlie and Lola fans in your house?
Which picture books have you read recently?

9 thoughts on “Peapod’s Picks/KLTR – Charlie and Lola

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  1. We love Charlie and Lola in our house! My eight year old daughter loved the books and TV show when she was a preschooler, and now her 4 year old brother is starting to get into them too. His favourite one is ‘I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato’, we now have to call carrots orange twiglets!

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  2. Oh my goodness, this post has brought so many happy memories flooding back. My youngest adored Charlie and Lola and also renamed the book Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies! She went on to love Clarice Bean and the Ruby Redfort series. 😊

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