Peapod’s Picks – One Cat, One Yak and One Thing

(OK, strictly speaking multiple yaks, but Gertie steals the show, so..!)

This week, I brought home a new (to us) Mog book – Mog and Bunny – and a new (to us) Charlie and Lola book – One Thing – in the hope of adding a teeny bit of variety to our bedtime reads (see this post on the billion reads of Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies!).

One Thing sees Charlie and Lola go to the shops for one thing (each, that’s two things in total) and Peapod likes to repeat “one thing” very firmly!

We all like all the numbers and counting in it as they count things they see on the way and how long things take (in true Charlie and Lola style) and its one that I think we’ll return to for years to come and one I think I’ll buy in board book format too.

Mog and Bunny has, as expected, taken pole position at bedtime with back to back reads and Peapod finishing many of the sentences or taking a turn to sit and ‘read’ it to us too.

Mog has a new toy, Bunny, who she loves (she loves both his ears off across the first couple of pages which is just the sort of lovely, homely and knowing detail you’d expect from Judith Kerr).

After a barbecue (Peapod was delighted to see a bbq in the story as he’s loved ours over the summer!), bunny gets left outside and Nicky and Debbie end up on a midnight expedition into the garden to look for Mog who has stayed with poor old Bunny in the rain.

As ever, it’s full of familiar family scenes and sentiments. Observant, warm, funny and with the ever-loveable Mog at its centre, this is another firm favourite for our little Mog fan (and us!)

I’ll be honest I was a little surprised that The Littlest Yak by Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley made the bedtime cut. And this is no criticism of the book, but rather me knowing how set in his ways Peapod is when it comes to bedtime stories!

But opening our parcel (thank you Simon and Schuster) at bedtime drew him in and it’s testament to how enjoyable the book is that since then he’s requested it nightly along with absolute favourites Mog and Charlie and Lola!

A fresh take on a familiar feeling for many little people – Gertie is fed up of being small. She longs to grow up and be like the big yaks around her, despite her mum reassuring her that that

“But yaks,” Mummy smiled, “are all shapes and sizes. And BIGNESS can come in all sorts of disguises!”

But when an even smaller yak gets into trouble, only Gertie can save the day.

With bouncy, rhyming text that flows perfectly (Peapod’s dad did his best Guy-Garvey-on-CBeebies-Bedtime-Story impression, which is always the proof that a rhyming book works well in our house!) we all enjoy snuggling up to listen to this one at bedtime.

Kate Hindley is an absolute favourite in our house and she works her illustrative magic here again. With wonderfully characterful and expressive yaks in thick chunky knitwear (if yaks did scandi-noir…) and gorgeous starry and snowy scenes, she somehow creates a book that is both exuberant and cosy all at once!

A perfect book for little people in a rush to grow up, but equally lovely for both big and little people to to get cosy with on these cold days and nights!

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