Picture Book and Play – Spaghetti Hunters

Picture Book & Play is a new weekly post, in which we look at a picture book (or books) Peapod’s been enjoying recently and some of the play we’ve had based on it.

If you and your little ones do similar bookish play, we’d love you to join in with Picture Book & Play and to let us know what you’ve been doing too!

Last week, we looked at some snowy books and play. This week is the absolutely brilliant…

Spaghetti Hunters by Morag Hood, published by Two Hoots

We always enjoy Morag Hood’s books and this sees yet another typically quirky, unique and funny addition to our collection.

This is the hilarious tale of a Duck in search of spaghetti, and his friend Tiny Horse who, as luck would have it (or not), is an expert spaghetti hunter. Together they set out on a spaghetti search…

Peapod loves this. We’ve read it at least twice a night since he got it for Christmas. He thinks it’s so funny and loves to pore over the pictures naming things and talking about what’s happening.

His favourite page – “what this mama?” – where we name every spaghetti hunting tool Duck and Tiny Horse take. Twice. At least.

The spread showing Tiny Horse’s triumphant spaghetti haul has him in stitches – “Snakes! Snakes in spaghetti!” – and pitches perfectly for that delightedly disgusted response as he squeals in disbelieving, ribs-tickled horror.

So, these spreads combined, of course, had to be the basis for our first Spaghetti Hunting activity…

Spaghetti, string and, of course…snakes! Plus all the tools from Tiny Horse’s kit – a spaghetti server, forks, fishing lines, a net, spoons, a spade and tweezers.

Peapod got a good two days’ play out of this as he tried to scoop up the spaghetti into the pot and delighting in scaring himself when one of us caught a hidden snake instead! It was great for his fine motor skills and hand eye coordination too!

Much to Tiny Horse’s derision and disbelief, Duck finds a simple solution to his spaghetti-less state. Peapod loves this page, shouting that you can in fact ‘just make it’ because that’s what daddy and him do!

So of course, we had to prove it with a bit of pasta making.

Obviously I’m not suggesting you run out and buy a pasta machine! We make pasta fairly often, so just threw a spaghetti session in to tie in with this!

Peapod always enjoys some pretend cooking too, so he also had dry spaghetti, whisk, spoons and colander (with handy holes for pushing it through too) to play with.

And, it wouldn’t be right to leave you without also mentioning all the things that failed miserably!!

We tried spaghetti painting (I’ve lost the pics!) which I thought he’d love as it was messy as… and involved a bit of throwing which he is all over at the moment. But Peapod had other ideas as he happily ignored the spaghetti and covered his hands in paint.

I set up a ‘spaghetti hunt’ outside (string spaghetti) – Peapod was all for it…til we got outside when he remembered he only wants to play on his bike and nothing else. Ever.

Have you read Spaghetti Hunters or tried any other spaghetti play?

What have you been reading and playing this week?

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