Peapod’s Picks – Mr Postmouse

I’ve been meaning to review these little gems for a while, but poor old Mr Postmouse kept meeting with delays! But here we are finally with two of Peapod’s recent favourites.

Here Comes Mr Postmouse and Mr Postmouse goes on Holiday by Marianne Dubuc, published by Book Island

I first spotted Here Comes Mr Postmouse on Book Island’s twitter feed while Peapod was at the height of his Postman Pat obsession (I say that like it’s faded. We’re months in. He still loves it. Pat is here to stay.) and thought the postman theme combined with illustrations I loved the look of had to be a good shout.

And it was.

It’s an unassuming tale of a Postmouse on his rounds, delivering parcels and letters to creatures big and small. There’s something stinky for the skunks, something sweet for the ants, something speedy for turtle and something rather suspicious for the chickens…

The cross-section style illustrations are undoubtedly the star of the show, with simple caption-like text narrating the journey, adding gentle humour and drawing our attention to the details.

We love this. We is SO much to see, talk about, imagine, discuss, be inspired by, laugh at, point out, notice, delve into, make links with…

…and there’s poo too. Which, of course Peapod loves!

After it arrived, I was looking for the tweet I’d seen originally when I spied another, older tweet from @bookgiftblogger informing me there was another Mr Postmouse book! I ordered it immediately!

Told in the same style as the first, here we see Mr Postmouse and family set off on their holidays! But of course, “a postman never really finishes his rounds”, so while they’re away they’ve parcel’s to deliver to their friends further afield!

From forest to ocean, volcano to oasis, jungle to town and mountain to sky, we’re whisked around the world where there’s even more to see!

It’s a wonderful journey which really captures the imagination and the exciting unlikely sorts of encounters that can only exist in the wonderful world of children’s stories and ideas.

I love that as well as being utterly lovely to share as a complete story, these books are perfect for dipping into or reading a few pages at a time.

With so much to spot, you really want to pore over the pages and spend time with them so it’s been great to keep revisiting these (both with Peapod and without!) to see what else we notice.

With a menagerie of animals taking centre stage, all your favourite fairy tale folk hiding thereabouts, and some ingeniously imagined houses, homes and ways of life these books are just a delight. Perfect for sharing or losing yourself in! We love them!


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    1. They are lovely and the sort of books with so much to unpack and get into in the illustrations that we can keep going back to them for years, especially as the simple text allows you to run with it all a bit.


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