April – May

A look back at last month’s reading and ahead to my reading plans for May.

I had a ridiculous sixteen books on my tbr for April. I only read six of them and I read four that weren’t on there, so I finished up reading ten in total – two audiobooks and eight in print.

It’s a LOT fewer than I have been getting through, but I expected that with returning to work. While I’m glad to be back, I’m tired and I haven’t quite got into a reading routine around it again yet.

I was reading multiple books at once, in different formats, but I seem to have reverted to one physical, one audio at the moment and I have a lot less time to either listen or read. But, it still works out at a couple of books a week so not too bad… Still, I’m hoping to do a bit better next month!

I’ve managed to stick to my goal of including some adult and teen/YA fiction in my reads again though, so I’m pleased about that.

I’ve started this month with an adult book too, The Vanishing Half and I’d also like to read these (and other!) adult/YA books in the next month (though I know I won’t manage them all!)

Even though I’m not getting through many, I feel really good to have adult fiction back in my regular reading again as I really enjoy it and it feels good to be mixing it up a bit with a better spread of ‘target ages’.

I also have a mix of some new buys and some that I’m desperate to read, despite it not appearing so as they’ve been on every TBR post this year…

I also have another enormous stack of both proofs and bought books that I should/would like to read this month. But let’s face it, this TBR is ridiculous as it is.

I have four books on netgalley too. Luckily I have two in physical format as well as I am REALLY struggling to read on my phone at the moment. Fortunately, they’re all books I’m really excited to read so hopefully that’ll spur me on!

Have you read any of my April reads or May to-reads?

What are you looking forward to reading this month?

9 thoughts on “April – May

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  1. I flew through Rainbow Grey yesterday, you were right when you guessed that I would love it! Planning to pick up Harklights, Rumaysa and the Supreme Lie at some point. So pleased you enjoyed Starfell 3 and A Vanishing of Griffins, still 😊
    And I can’t wait for your thoughts on ALL the ones in that last photo x

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  2. Oh, I love looking at your reading plans for the month. (Or two months.) There are always books I have yet to read or books I’ve read or books I have never heard of before but wanna read now… It’s always so joyful to look at. I hope you have great fun with your selection. 🙂

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  3. You’ve read some great books this month, and ones I’m keen to read, especially Rainbow Grey. I was sent the gorgeous proof so will definitely get to it soon. I’m desperate to read Once we Were Witches, The Life and Time of Lonny Quicke and Starboard – just need to read about 9 proofs before I get to them!

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    1. Oh god, I have so many proofs I should read soon/first but I’m stubbornly prioritising the books I really want with a view to squeezing some proofs in! I think if I tried to get through the proofs first I’d just lose motivation!


    1. Ah, thanks. It’s a big jump down from the last few months but still a couple a week so not too bad, you’re right.
      Sorry you’ve not managed to get going on your May tbr yet, it’s still early in the month though!


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