Picture Book and Play on a Rainy Day

Picture Book and Play is a weekly(ish) post featuring books Peapod has been enjoying recently and some of the play we’ve had based on it.

This week, it’s a topsy-turvy post as the play came first and the books came later! I don’t know what it’s been like where you all are but we have had A LOT of rain this week!

We did some rainy day painting using watered down poster paint and droppers (colour mixing, science, creativity and fine motor all rolled into one 😂) Peapod loves ‘process painting’ like this, he had a great time!

We also played lots of Spiders and Spouts (I’m in no way affiliated with Orchard Toyd, we just like them!) We swapped outvthe dotty die included though to use a numbered one for practicing number recognition.

On Monday, it threw it down all day. We’d stayed in all morning but by the afternoon, we very much needed a big of fresh air so it was on with the waterproofs and wellies and out hunting for puddles!

We had an absolute blast – stomping splashing and jumping in, over and through puddles. Then Peapod decided to float his umbrella in one (don’t get too excited – it really just sat in the inch of water but he was happy pretending!) and after this wanted the umbrella to blow us away, so we ran home with it stretched out ahead of us – “aaaargh! We’re being blown away! Come back umbrella!”

I’ve never enjoyed the rain so much!

Well, after this there were two bedtime stories I picked out. Neither of which had anything to do with rain but reminded me of our play – Lost and Found with its umbrella-boat and Blown Away with Penguin Blue and friends being swept away by the wind (this will no doubt also feature in a windy day post at some point!)

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers is an old favourite of mine and our copy is tattered and battered and worn from years of use in school.

A little boy finds a penguin on his doorstep one day. He goes to extraordinary measures to try to find out where its come from and get it home, eventually embarking on an epic rowing boat ride to the South Pole, only to realise that perhaps the penguin wasn’t lost but lonely…

Sparse text lets the illustrations do the work with buckets of gentle, dry humour and warmth. Oliver Jeffers books are modern classics for a reason!

Blown Away by Rob Biddulph is a very funny, rhyming tale about Penguin Blue’s kite flight across the sea to the jungle (with the friends he collects along the way!)

Bringing to life the joys of travel… and that unbeatable feeling of coming home again, it’s a feel good story of friendship and adventure, with a brilliant ending!

We’re also in the throes of a “why” epidemic currently, so comments like “it’s raining” are frequently met with “why?” With this in mind, I bought this book for us to look at…

What Makes it Rain? by Katie Daynes and Christine Pym

This is a gorgeous non-fiction book for little readers. Usborne do loads of this sort of lift the flap information books on a variety of topics for a variety of ages and they do them SO WELL.

This one has a double page on each type of weather, with questions children might ask peppered across the bright, cheery illustrations of things we might see or do in that sort of weather.

Lift the flap under each question to reveal its answer – perfectly pitched with just enough detail and information for little ones to understand.

It’s perfect for dipping in and out of on different weather days or to read little and often with those whose attention drifts! We’re big, big fans.

Have you been enjoying the rain this week?

What have you been reading or playing?

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