Reading Monthly – October to November

Well, it’s been a while! To those of you still here thanks for your patience! To anyone new – welcome!

A very long list of books to read for work over the last month and a bit, plus a general feeling of “too much ness” saw me taking a bit of a break to reset. I’m really glad to be back, but please bear with me if things are a little stop-start for a while!

It seems fitting to begin again with a look ahead to November’s reading. Usually these posts would also look back over the previous month, but I read too much to go into and it feels a clean start to begin by looking forwards, so just this once, there’s no recap, only a look ahead to my reading plans next month…

There’s no way I’ll get through them all (especially as I keep adding to it!) but I have a huge stack of books I’ve amassed while reading solely for work over the last month, so November will definitely be all about reading some of these.

I’ll be starting with Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City, as Rob Biddulph will be coming to work later in the month!!! I AM BEYOND EXCITED! But also super nervous, as I’ve not been to a signing since I was much younger and I’ve certainly never been part of one this big as a bookseller so I’m very anxious about what I’m supposed to do or say and how it will go!

After that, I’m not sure! Red Gloves, Clock of Stars 2, Songs that Sing Us and Danger at Dead Man’s Pass are high on the list, but I don’t want to neglect the adult fiction that’s waiting either!

What would you choose?

What will you be reading this month?


10 thoughts on “Reading Monthly – October to November

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  1. Great to see you back Rachael & I’m impressed at the ambition of your TBR! I’ve just been sent a copy of Ghost Bird which I’m looking forward to, although according to reviews I’ve read, I might have to read in daylight hours at the weekend!

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    1. Thank you 😊 I know I won’t read them all, but. Hoping to at least read a fair few of them.
      I’ll be intrigued to hear what you make of Ghost Bird, I can’t decide if it’s one I think I’d like or not!

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      1. I’ve read a few reviews of Ghost Bird and I won’t be attempting it until daylight hours at the weekend as I am a scaredy-cat! I’m trying very hard to educate myself about different cultures and beliefs as part of my work role, so I’m looking forward to it from that point of view.

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      2. Firekeeper’s Daughter was great for that, gave you read it?
        There were things I didn’t love about it but in the whole it was a very original YA thriller set within a Native American community.

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  2. It’s so lovely to see you back! 💚. You’ve got lots of the books I have on your TBR. I definitely want to read Clock of Stars and Peanut Jones soon. I might even get to read more from my TBR in November and December as I don’t have too many review copies.

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