Reading Monthly – November to December

No WWW Wednesday this week as it’s time for a monthly recap/look ahead instead…

I still feel like both my reading and blogging are resetting a bit after my huge work-related reading marathon in October! So it’s been another slow reading month here! But I had a much-needed, ruthless sort out and clear out of my bookcases this week so feel ready for a fresh start now… 😬

I had a rather ambitious stack of books lined up for November, though I knew I wouldn’t read them all!

I did read three of these, but also five others.

I’m struggling to find my rhythm again, so read a lot of shorter books this month, and almost entirely MG. Hopefully I can get back to a routine/system of sorts in December and find a way to balance the MG/YA/adult books all jostling for attention!

I don’t have a set TBR for December, but some vague reading plans at least…

Pic courtesy of good old Google search!

I’ll be continuing to listen to the Ruby Redfort books on audio.

I’ve just started reading The Nutcracker and will be following this with M Kuzniar’s take on it, Midnight in Everwood (starting with the proof copy I have until I can pick my finished copy up from my friend who kindly nabbed me an exclusive copy before they sold out!)

I’d also really like to get to some of these in December…we’ll see!

How was your reading month in November?

What will you be reading in December?


4 thoughts on “Reading Monthly – November to December

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  1. I’m really looking forward to getting to Peanut Jones (thank you again for my signed copy!!) and also Wishyouwas which is on my December TBR.
    I think I read 20 books overall in November, which I’m really chuffed with. Can’t believe we’re already in December though!! I have an extremely ambitious December TBR- I want to read at least 30 but have loosely said like 50 I want to read before the end of the year so I will clearly have to prioritise… 22(ish) are set, so I guess that leaves like 8 free spaces. Midnight in Everwood, The Christmas Murder Game and The Winter Cottage are likely to be filling a few of those spots 😊 (sorry for massively rambling in your comments!)
    Amy xx

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