WWW Wednesday 15/12/21

WWW Wednesday is hosted by ‘Taking on a World of Words’ every Wednesday.

What are you currently reading?

Ruby Redfort: Catch Your Death by Lauren Child, audiobook read by Rachel Stirling

I’m still enjoying this series, it’s a lot of fun and Ruby is certainly a compelling main character.

Midnight in Everwood by M A Kuzniar

I’ve not got very far with this this week but I’ve been able to pick it up again the last couple of evenings – it’s the perfect winter evening read!

Clock of Stars: Beyond the Mountains by Francesca Gibbons

I’m loving this so much! I’m not very far in yet but I’m already hooked and enjoying getting reacquainted with all the characters (and infuriated at some of the grown ups!)

What have you just finished reading?

Once We Were Witches by Sarah Driver

I loved this (though hand on heart I could have done without the illustrations which didn’t really do it for me). Egg and, in particular, Spel were great main characters and the supporting cast was strong too. The blend of history and fantasy was spot on and, while this felt very different from Sarah’s previous books, the Huntress trilogy, the world building and writing were just as good.

Ruby Redfort: Take your Last Breath by Lauren Child, audiobook read by Rachel Stirling

I loved the piratical nature of the mystery in this and while the codes and clues were easy to spot it didn’t detract from the overall mystery and under sea adventuring!

Einstein the Penguin by Iona Rangeley

This was such a fun and engaging read, with a heart-warming and humorous mystery at its core. Einstein is the best sort of animal character – unable to converse and still emphatically an animal, but full of emotion and expression and connection too.

The only thing that grated a bit was the school scenes which were meant to be ks1 and felt like ks2 at best and secondary at worst. It’s such a minor thing but school scenes in books really bug me if they don’t feel right! Still, it didn’t make me love the book as a whole any less!

What will you read next?

Something from my December picks, probably Clarice Bean Think Like an Elf or The Book of Stolen Dreams.

What are you reading at the moment?    Have you read any of these?


2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday 15/12/21

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Once we were Witches. I’m definitely going to read it over Christmas. Also, you’ve reminded me of Clock of Stars. I really enjoyed the first one, so need to get to this soon. I’m also intending to read some of my adult books over Christmas. Have you read Threadneedle?


  2. I’m so so sorry I forgot to comment on this last week! I promise I did read it 🙈. Several here I’m also looking forward to getting to, and the ones I’ve read I really enjoyed x


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