Review – Rainbow Grey: Eye of the Storm

Rainbow Grey: Eye of the Storm by Laura Ellen Anderson, published by Farshore

I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of this in exchange for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

I loved the first Rainbow Grey book (you can read my review here) so I was super excited to be sent a copy of book two – Eye of the Storm – and it didn’t disappoint!

Pinched the picture I took for work!

We rejoin Ray to find her getting used to life with her newly discovered Rainbow magic; and while most are happy for her and supportive, some are suspicious of her ability to control magic and fearful of the unknown, leading to Ray bring blamed for all sorts as strange things start to happen in Celestia…

Most notably, Cloud creatures are going missing! Fearful for her own beloved Cloud Cat, Nim, as well as wanting to clear her name and worrying about what it means for her friends, community, home and Earth itself if cloud magic is vanishing, Ray tries to get to the bottom of it all, helped of course by best friends Droplett and Snowdenn.

As we’d expect from the twists of book one, the trio find themselves caught up in an increasingly perilous race against time with intrigue aplenty, forbidden magic, nail-biting near misses, a shocking reveal, a wonderfully wicked baddie and a can’t-believe-it gut-punch at the end!

Alongside the action though, there are of course themes of loyalty, friendship, second-chances and acceptance of the new or different which give the book real heart and depth, and which will resonate with young readers.

I loved the way book one’s baddie, La Blaze, was reintroduced here and without any spoilers what Laura Ellen Anderson does with her character and part of the plot is superb.

And the way we see Ray grappling with her newfound magic explores the whole idea of things being “a blessing or a curse” admirably too. Her efforts to understand and use it, her moments of self-doubt, her mixed feelings of excitement and uncertainty, the hostile and unfair attitudes she has to contend with… and the glorious rainbow magic she creates!

Yet again, Laura Ellen Anderson shows just how imagination is done! With rainbow slides and bubbles, puddle transportation and more there’s all the fantastical, imaginative world-building and creativity we’d expect, not to mention a good deal of gentle humour too (I really hope Snowdenn gets his sandwich in the end)

And for those parents who’ll be reading this aloud and like something to keep themselves amused whilst doing so, I refer you simply to the chapter entitled ‘Summer of’ 69′ which cracked me up. Genius.

In short, this is a fantastic follow up – fast-paced and exciting, magical and warm-hearted, clever and creative – and I’m already so excited to see what’s next for Ray Grey (and to hopefully find out about that beard…!)


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  1. I loved the first Rainbow Grey and am really looking forward to picking this one up – especially to meet Nim again! – just hope there’s some sprayed edge ones left at my local Waterstones!

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