This blog came about at first in an attempt to push myself to write all the reviews I needed to write but never got round to. A few months on and I’m branching out to other things too – memes hosted by other blogs as well as my own posts on all things bookish. I love connecting with other book-lovers (though it’s often lethal for my bank balance and bookcases!) so if you’re a book blogger too – let me know so I can visit your site too!

I’ve been a children’s bookseller for almost two years now and love my job and the books it allows me to read. In that vein, many of the books on here will be books aimed at children/young people – picture books, MG (‘middle-grade’) and YA (‘young adult’) – but I do squeeze in a grown-up book or two here and there too!

August saw the arrival of our little boy, affectionately titled ‘Peapod’, so on the plus side there’ll be some extra posts about what we read together but on the flip side posts and reviews might sometimes be a bit slow or sporadic – please bear with me! Safe to say there’s a blanket ban on any kind of parenting-how-to related books though (there’s a whole other blog brewing there…)

I do get a lot of the books I’ll be posting about for free, in exchange for review, but I try to remember to highlight when that’s the case and reviews will be completely honest and all my own views. For the most part I’ll only write a review if I’ve enjoyed a book, so if it all seems overly positive, that’s why!

Reviews will usually be amended as appropriate and added to waterstones.com too, in particular for books sent to me in exchange for a review on that website.

Thanks for stopping by – please say hi and share what you’re reading too!