Bellis Does Books is all about children’s books – from board books through to Young Adult! I have a particular passion for Middle Grade and my toddler and I LOVE picture books too, but there’s a bit of everything on here, with regular weekly posts reviewing my recent reads, Peapod’s current favourites or new books and how we’ve been using picture books in our play too.


I first started this blog in 2018 as a place to get reviews I needed to write written.

Fast forward nearly three years and I’ve learned a lot and it’s evolved as life has changed and I’ve tried new things. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that it remains a space where I can share some of my favourite children’s reads.

I’ve been a children’s bookseller for just over four years now and love my job and all the wonderful books I come across through it. I’m a huge ‘middle grade’ fan, so there’s lots of MG on here, but also some younger chapter books and teen/YA too.

And if course, picture books! I love picture books and our little boy (affectionately referred to here as ‘Peapod’) is a proper little bookworm too, so at least once or twice a week there’s a post dedicated to the picture books and board books we read.

I do get a lot of the books I’ll be posting about for free, in exchange for review, but I always highlight when that’s the case and reviews will be completely honest and all my own views. If I don’t enjoy a book, I don’t review it…so if it all seems overly positive, that’s why!

And, of course, I buy a huge number of books too and those all make their way here as well!

I love connecting with other book-lovers (though it’s often lethal for my bank balance and bookcases!) so if you’re a book blogger too – let me know so I can visit your site too!

Thanks for stopping by – please say hi and share what you’re reading too!

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