Peapod’s Book Advent – Days 4 and 5

You can find out more about our Christmas Book Advent here.

So, we’ve had a couple of ‘non-starters’ the last two nights.

Day 4 saw story summarily refused – the book went off the bed and the light was pointed at vehemently until it was switched off.

Day 5 we were out at the Christmas Light Trail at Dunham Massey, which was lovely and Peapod thoroughly enjoyed it.

But it meant a late night (for him – I’m pretty tired these days but 8pm still doesn’t really count as a late night!) so transferred from a sleepy car ride back and into bed in the dark and straight back off to sleep without a story.

We did, however revisit Dream Snow during the day yesterday and it proved (as I’d suspected it might) much more popular with a less tired Peapod and some props!

We were back playing with it at 6.30 this morning too, so it’s safe to say that’s now a hit and here to stay on the seasonal shelf for the duration!

We’ll be back with Day 6 tomorrow!

Peapod’s Book Advent Day 2

You can find out more about our Christmas Book Advent here.

Last night, we read…

Dream Snow by Eric Carle

A hard-working farmer, who looks suspiciously like Father Christmas, dreams of snow then wakes to find everywhere covered in a blanket of it as he delivers presents to his five animals and decorates his tree.

I’ll be honest, I thought we were onto a surefire winner with this one – farm animals, flaps, shiny stuff on the tree – but it was dismissed with a “no!” shortly after opening!

I suspect tiredness had a part to play and that it will go down better on the seasonal shelf soon…watch this space!

Peapod’s Picks/KLTR – Classic Collection #1

Peapod’s Picks is a weekly round up of some of the books that Peapod* has read (often, but not always, for his bedtime stories) each week plus a review of at least one of them.

*His social media alter ego, not his real name!

This week it’s also time for another #KLTR post, hosted by Book Bairn, Acorn Books and Laura’s Lovely Blog.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Peapod has really taken to his Hungry Caterpillar toy this week, he’s been commando-ing over to get it from the shelf and playing with it loads, so of course we’ve been reading it loads too!

Our only copy was this one:

It’s absolute treasure – it was mine and my sister’s when we were little. It also still has mum’s name inside from when she used it in school teaching, which is then semi-crossed out and replaced by mine from when I did the same.

So, we will keep it and read it too, but I wanted a more durable one for him to enjoy (read: eat) too, so we bought the board book version too.

It’s been a big hit already. To say he’s turning the pages would be a huge exaggeration but it’s lovely seeing him flip through the fruits and open and close it…in between chews of course!

When we bought it, I couldn’t resist getting the finger puppet book too. And I’m really glad we did – it’s a board book too so ticks all the handling/chewing/chucking boxes and he loves the caterpillar puppet (you guessed it, mostly he loves chewing it!). I really like that it’s a simple 1-5 counting primer using the fruit from the story but with added description – juicy oranges, tart plums etc – which makes it more interesting to read and will add to its longevity.

He’s had the cloth book for a while but has been looking at that more this week too. I love how soft and light it is – nice to hold and feel, chewable, hard to damage and even more hard to damage himself with! He also really likes grabbing the caterpillar’s head on the front!

Buying this in board book format made me think about which others we should have like this too. Obviously there’ll be those books that become favourites as he grows that we might choose to get, but I’m going to get some ‘classics’ too.

Which classic (or newer!) picture books would you add to his board book collection?