Picture Book and Play – Pumpkins!

Picture Book and Play is a regular feature where I share a picture book (or books) and a fun activity or craft related to them. Usually, these will be something Peapod and I have done at home but sometimes I'll share those I've used at the storytime sessions I run in work too. With books... Continue Reading →

Peapod Picks…a Pumpkin

As I was (shockingly) disorganised and late with this, I debated just leaving it til next year but then I remembered that first and foremost this blog is for me so if I want to post a Halloween post in early November then I can! I'll repost it before the event next year too though!... Continue Reading →

Peapod’s Picks: Halloween

I'm going to try and post a a Peapod's Picks every Friday, or at least alternate Fridays. They'll be picture, board or cloth books - some old, some new - that we've enjoyed or are looking forward to. This week: Halloween Ok, strictly speaking it's more of a Halloween/Autumn mash up! And there are SO... Continue Reading →

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