Peapod’s Book Advent – Day 3

You can find out more about our Christmas Book Advent here. Last night, we read... Ten Little Elves by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty This is another that I'm hoping we'll see more enjoyment from on the seasonal shelf and we might read it another night too, as Peapod usually likes this series but fell... Continue Reading →

Peapod’s Picks – World Book Day

Peapod's Picks is a weekly round up of some of the books that Peapod* has read (often, but not always, for his bedtime stories) each week plus a review of at least one of them. *His social media alter ego, not his real name! Unless you live under a rock (ok, or you don't have... Continue Reading →

Peapod’s Picks: Halloween

I'm going to try and post a a Peapod's Picks every Friday, or at least alternate Fridays. They'll be picture, board or cloth books - some old, some new - that we've enjoyed or are looking forward to. This week: Halloween Ok, strictly speaking it's more of a Halloween/Autumn mash up! And there are SO... Continue Reading →

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