Peapod’s Picks – The Suitcase and Out of Nowhere

Peapod's Picks is a round up of the books Peapod's been reading, often at bedtime, each week. This week is slightly different (although both of these have become the top bedtime book choices too!) as I'm going to take the chance to enthuse on behalf of both of us about two books we've been reading... Continue Reading →

Believathon 3 – Orion Lost

I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this in exchange for my thoughts on it. All views and opinions are my own. Orion Lost by Alastair Chisholm, artwork by, published by Nosy Crow This was my choice for Believathon prompt The Shadow - Read a book first published in 2020. Spaceship Orion... Continue Reading →

Peapod’s Picks – Mouse and Bear

We are still reading A Pipkin of Pepper, and The Tiger Who Came to Tea has made a reappearance in our bedroom reads, but two new books in the post have also edged their way into Peapod's oh-so-slow-to-change bedtime book basket! One of these is Ross Collins' There's a Mouse in My House, which we... Continue Reading →

Peapod’s Picks – A Rather Blustery Day!

We've bought several new picture books recently and I'll be trying to review them all in the coming weeks, but as September begins and Autumn settles in, it seemed fitting to start with two blustery books that both Peapod and I have instantly loved. First up... Jeremy Worried About the Wind by Pamela Butchart, illustrated... Continue Reading →

#MGTakesOnThursday – TrooFriend

Mary over at Book Craic has started a really exciting new meme (I think that's the right word!) #MGTakesOnThursday. Post a picture of the front cover of a middle-grade book which you have read and would recommend to others with details of the author, illustrator and publisher. Open the book to page 11 and share... Continue Reading →

The Girl Who Stole an Elephant

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this from the publishers. All views and opinions are my own. The Girl Who Stole an Elephant by Nizrana Fahrook, cover art by David Dean This is a book I would have read at some point, but probably one which would have joined the pile in... Continue Reading →

Peapod’s Book Advent Day 10

You can find out more about our Christmas Book Advent here. Last night we read... Little Robin Red Vest by Jan Fearnley This is one we received and reviewed last year, but I was very happy to get it back out again today and enjoyed it even more this time around. It's absolutely over-flowing with... Continue Reading →

Peapod’s Picks 26/8/19

We were lucky enough to request and receive copies of these free from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and views are all my own. Peapod's Picks is a weekly round up of some of the books that Peapod* has read (often, but not always, for his bedtime stories) each week plus... Continue Reading →

Peapod’s Picks – Review Reads

Peapod's Picks is a weekly round up of some of the books that Peapod* has read each week plus a review of at least one of them. *His social media alter ego, not his real name! This week, we've been lucky to receive two picture books to review. We also recently received not one but... Continue Reading →

No Ballet Shoes in Syria

I requested and received a copy of this free from the publishers, in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own. Apparently today is Empathy Day. Its amazing that I know this when I'm not often sure whether it's Tuesday or Sunday at the moment, and keep thinking it's March. But, you know,... Continue Reading →

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