Picture Book and Play…

Picture Book and Play has become a much rarer event recently as my blogging has slowed down, Peapod’s nursery days have increased and the world has opened up again – trips out, seeing family and the like have taken over somewhat!

But we had to revisit a book today that we’ve been reading repeatedly since last Autumn when I first brought it home as part of my Waterstones Children’s Book Prize reading! And one which brings us all so much joy!

Bumble and Snug and the Angry Pirates by Mark Bradley

I’m cheating a bit as it’s not a picture book as such, but it is a book with pictures! And that’s worth highlighting in itself; I had to post this today after it was announced yesterday that Bumble and Snug had made the Children’s Book Prize Shortlist! Not only was I thrilled because it was one I’d hoped to see on there personally, but also because it felt really good to see a graphic novel in the mix!

And what a graphic novel – it is an absolute riot! Bursting with colour, larger than life and super silly this is just so much fun!

But it’s also hugely warm-hearted, with a fabulous friendship at its centre and messages about feelings, in particular anger – what might cause it, how you can deal with it, what it could look or feel like – throughout.

Now, those of you who know me will know I DO NOT do worthy books, books with morals and messages, books about feelings too in general. BUT this is brilliant and all the feelings ‘stuff’ is incorporated seamlessly into the text with a perfectly pitched page at the end about feeling angry.

As for the story itself, it’s got everything you could want – a chalk-and-cheese but super cemented friendship, pirates, ice cream, buried treasure, a party and an enormous sea monster! It’s a frenetic, fun-filled, full-tilt explosion of colour, adventure and friendship!

The story sees our two Bug-Bops (the larger than life, shape-shifting Bumble and the more reserved and cautious Snug) head off for a picnic in the countryside…anf end up digging for treasure on a desert island! Unfortunately the treasure they uncover and proceed to spend (on donkey rides of course) belongs to some pirates, who are very unhappy to have lost it…

There’s a brilliant twist in the tale too and, of course a happy ending! We love it. Peapod is pirate mad so we originally read it together because of that (it being aimed a little older than he is) but Bumble and Snug have us hooked and we can’t wait for their encounter with an excited unicorn this summer!

Peapod wanted to draw Bumble and Snug and the pirates so we got the big guns out… Giant rolls of paper for maximum seaside scribblings!

And if you fancy having a go at drawing them too, there’s a fab step by step guide at the end of the book!

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