Peapod’s Reading Round Up 3/6/20

A weekly(ish!) round up of Peapod’s current favourite reads!

We have definitely hit the “again!” phase when it comes to reading. Despite having an entire house full of books and new ones arriving all the time (ahem!) Peapod is set on his favourites and there’s no deviation allowed!

We’ve had the train set out downstairs for the last couple of weeks so we’ve had some train themed books out with it. I’m going to post separately about them, but these have been staunch favourites!

Don’t Put Your Pants on Your Head Fred by Caryl Hart and Leigh Hodgkinson

I reviewed this a few weeks ago in one of ourRound Ups, and it was left for quite some time, but he’s gone back to it this week with a vengeance!

When we first read it he wasn’t interested in reading the whole thing, just laughing with his own pants on his head and saying “nooooo!” at Fred with his pants on his head, but now we read it repeatedly all the way through and he just loves it and thinks its so funny! I’m a big fan too and it’s definitely one I don’t mind reading over and over.

Unlike these two which he also loves! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with either, I just don’t want to read them quite so often!

Peapod has a minor major bird poo obsession – if he spots any on our drive or patio or car we are nagged until its cleaned (he loves cleaning!) and then told about it for days!

So when he spotted this one in the back of another, I had to order it for him…

Pigeon Poo by Elizabeth Baguley and Mark Chambers

A town is under siege from a pigeon who won’t stop pooing on everything. They decide something must be done (I know the feeling!) and capture the pigeon but a little girl says he should be free and comes up with an ingenious, and very funny, solution.

This is a daft, rhyming story with lovely, busy and funny illustrations that little ones (especially those who love that toilet humour!) will delight in.

The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was none of his business by Werner Holzwarth and Wolf Erlbruch

I know I’m pretty much alone in not loving this but I really don’t. It’s clever and I don’t mind the odd read but I’m hoping we move on from repeating it soon!

Mole emerges from underground only to have a poo land on his head. He then sets off to find out who did it and seek his revenge.

With repetition Peapod really enjoys (he loves joining in with “Noooo,” as the animals reply to Mole), a whole host of accurately depicted and described poos and a very satisfying ending, there’s lots to enjoy. Once or twice, every now and again!

The Very Busy Day by Diana Hendry and Jane Chapman

I managed to sneak this into our bedtime reads after Peapod had spent the day helping in the garden and it’s so lovely so I’m so glad it’s made his ‘repeated reads’ collection. We’ve read it at least once a day every day since, frequently more.

Big Mouse is busy in the garden on a hot, sunny day. He’s trying to get Little Mouse to help but Little Mouse is busy dreaming, picking flowers and collecting feathers. Big Mouse gets rather frustrated with this lack of help (it’ll bring a wry smile to parents reading) until there’s a surprise ending that brings him round in the most lovely way.

This is such a gorgeous book. I love the illustrations – rich and warm and full of things to look at and talk about, and with some wonderful details and imaginative uses for our everyday items in the Mice’s miniature world.

A perfect book to snuggle up and share, it’s a real heart-warmer with enough gentle, observational humour to save it from being saccharine. A favourite of mine.

Paddington at the Zoo by Michael Bond, illustrated by David McKee

We’ve still got wild animals in the playroom at the moment, but we’ve switched out our Dear Zoo shelves for some other stories abd props. This is far and away Peapod’s favourite!

Paddington is on an outing to the zoo, and has – of course! – taken a bag of marmalade sandwiches with him, which all the animals promptly eat!

Peapod loves making the sandwiches with our playfood and having the animals pretend to eat them! We read/tell/play this at least once a day.

Which picture books have you been reading?

Have you read any of these?


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